Looking for a fun yet compelling way to connect with your audience on social media?

Want to utilise the power of a futuristic marketing asset that has already secured its place in catching people’s attention?

Then look no further than leveraging meme marketing.

Many businesses have already started using various meme templates in the current competitive world because they know it is a quick, easy, and entertaining way to connect with the audience.

At its core, a meme should engage the reader and that’s why so many businesses want to use highly shareable Internet content to drive larger audiences. …

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We’ve used visuals for communication, marketing, and sharing experiences for millennia, from cave drawings to hieroglyphs and ancient art to modern photos.

The written word has long been considered one of the most powerful things in existence.

However, the fast-paced world we live in now tends to gravitate to the quicker gratification afforded by visual content.

According to MDG Advertising, 60% of people are more likely to consider buying a product or hiring a service that has an image in search results. — Rock Content

What we see has a more significant, emotional, and longer-lasting impact than anything else.

Unsurprisingly, salespeople have been turning to visual forms of marketing for decades. …

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Aspirants of becoming designers need to learn from the best designers out there to utilise their energies and creativity best.

Design is a broad term that may encompass several avenues.

Moreover, the perception of design is also dependent on the gist and focus of the company, team, and organisation.

No matter what your beliefs are, one thing we can indeed say is that in today’s world, design revolves around the user experience.

Gone are the days when a designer’s work was visible through chairs, buildings, logos, etc.

In today’s world, the design is more concerned and focused on interactions and experiences a user will have. …

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There was a time when personal brands weren’t consciously started but belonged to the rich and famous.

Then the digital age came along, and everything changed.

Nowadays, it’s all about inbound marketing where trust, transparency and reciprocity are the pillars of consumer buying behaviour.

As trust has eroded away from corporations and government institutions, we are seeing the ushering in of a new era: the personal brand. — Marketing Insider

None of us like being sold to via ‘shiny’ traditional marketing methods anymore which is why personal brands can be so influential.

People buy from people, and more often than not seek out social proof before entering any buying process. …

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Whether you are designing websites or creating brand graphics for high-value customers, it’s essential to attract new business to your creative agency.

It seems easy on the surface; you need to spend a great deal of time, effort and resources to make your business stand out.

It takes more than just telling people you can create excellent illustrations that benefit their brands.

Given the number of companies selling the same services as you do, increasing your client base could be an uphill battle, unless you’re using the right tools and methods.

Don’t let your creative skills go to waste.

Use this guide and learn how to get more clients who can generate the most value from your creative business. …

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How to use Customer Feedback as a Driving Force for Your Small Business

You don’t need to be a high-pitch entrepreneur to understand one simple, golden rule behind successful businesses, big or small:

“If you are not delivering what the customers are looking for, you will always be replaced quickly by a more capable competitor.”

  • What are the most reliable ways to collect reviews?
  • What to do with the feedback once you have it!

This insight is enough to understand how important customer feedback is. What’s left to talk about is:

This is what we will share with you in this article so sit back, grab your favourite popcorn flavour and read through the best guidelines you will find on how to use customer feedback as a driving force for your small business. …

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A B2B company is one that caters to other businesses as their clients.

This is unlike the typical business, whereby the clients are individuals.

Hence, there’s so much more pressure to market your products and services more effectively with the former.

The more significant challenge with B2B vendors is the fact that their clients buy in bulk or wholesale.

More so, because they’re businesses themselves, they know the in-and-out of running a business so you can expect marketing to be a little bit more challenging.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your B2B marketing strategies, this article gives you everything you need to know straight from the best in the marketing industry. …

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The most successful companies are aware of the importance of prioritising a good design for any of their marketing efforts.

As businesses enter into the golden age of design, one can picture out how digital marketing is greatly influenced by the many design elements that make up a brand’s identity, look, and feel.

More than good content, 80% of small and medium business owners believe in the power of having a visually-appealing website.

According to recent statistics, 94% of consumers do not like websites that have poor graphic designs.

Attractive visual graphics keep the visitors engaged and can help improve the typical attention span of web users by 50 milliseconds, more or less. …

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Everyone’s ready for the coronavirus pandemic to be over and done with.

No matter who you are, no matter where you live, the pandemic has affected every individual to some extent.

And for those of us with businesses, it may have affected us a great deal — especially if we run small businesses and are dependent on our loyal customers to keep our brand up and running.

As things start to open up, there are a host of questions about safety issues, and it’s recommended that each business owner take the time to read CDC guidelines about planning and executing a safe reopening, for employers, employees, and customers alike. …

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Strong relationship marketing is a proven way to get your clients astonished by products and services.

It’s not necessary to rush with expensive advertising campaigns if you want to increase the scale of business.

Very often, strong shared ties with potential customers contribute a lot more to the development.

Building your own business is a marathon, during which you should think strategically.

Sometimes it reminds of esports betting where you should think things through.

The size and openness of your network influence your company’s development in the long term.

For brands to get closer to the people they serve, there needs to be a durable customer relationship on an emotional level. …


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