10 Habits of Highly Successful Designers

Are you a designer that’s trying to improve your overall level of productivity, skill and range of projects that you can work on?

1 — Great organisational skills

As a designer, you might be working as a freelancer across multiple projects at the same time.

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2 — Self-discipline

As mentioned above you will probably be a freelance designer, and even if you are working for a well-established company, you may have the option to work remotely from home.

3 — Constantly learn

The amount of skills and knowledge you have when it comes to being successful designers represent the range of tools you will have when working on a project.

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4 — Prioritise

With many different tasks to do at the same time, you need to figure out what ones are more important, or more time-sensitive.

5 — Goal setting

A great habit you must master to improve productivity is goal setting.

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6 — Don’t sacrifice on quality

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7 — Follow up with the client

Once the work has been handed in, ensure that you follow up with the customer afterwards.

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8 — Understand your value

You can damage yourself by working on projects that don’t pay the amount you are actually worth.

9 — Take risks selectively

Want to impress a new client and get much work from them in the future?

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10 — Select projects you can be passionate about

There is a vast variety of projects that can be tackled as a designer, and you should not apply for them all.


Incorporating as many of these habits into your daily working life will improve the success of your career in the long run.

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