10 Signs You Should Invest in Logo Design

Many business owners are often reluctant to invest in logo design until a later stage in their companies’ lives.

While it can sometimes make sense to go with that approach — mainly if you have skilled designers already available — it is often a better idea to look at getting your logo done by someone who knows what they are doing.

Especially if you are about to increase your market presence by releasing a new product.

Here are our top 10 signs you should invest in logo design for your business.

1 — Your Brand Is Growing

If you are going through a significant growth period in your brand, now’s the best time to think about investing in a new logo design.

You are going to get much new attention to your business, and you want to make the best first impression that you can to further customers finding out about you, don’t you?

Investing in a new logo can make a huge difference in this regard, and it is often one of the cheaper ways you can improve your company in this situation.

Combine that with an overhaul of your website and other elements of your branding, and you might find yourself with much new attention.

A logo is NOT a brand.

2 — You Want to Connect with Your Customers

A well-designed logo can make a huge difference regarding how well you can reach your customers and connect with them on a meaningful level.

You might not realise it, but you are probably drawn to the famous logos of some of your favourite brands in unexpected ways, and they are subtly affecting your opinion of those companies.

There is actual science behind this too, but even if you do not understand how these things work on a fundamental level, it is still good enough to know that they exist as opportunities and apply them to your business when an appropriate situation arises.

3 — You are Having Trouble Standing Out

If your business is continually getting swept up by a massive wave of irrelevance and you find yourself surrounded by tons of competition, a logo can help you stand out from the crowd.

It does not have to be anything flashy or too overdone — in fact, a minimalistic logo can be as impactful in a situation where all your competitors are trying to make their logos as comprehensive as possible.

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You would be surprised how many cases of poor market performance can be tracked down to something seemingly minor, like having an inappropriate logo or another detail that might usually be missed by someone without enough experience.

4 — You Do not Have a Unified Media Identity

Another critical point to consider is that your customers would expect your business to have some defined profile in public space.

If your branding differs too much from one place to another where you have an online presence, this can ruin the impression people have of your business and can quickly drag you down.

Defining a consistent identity starts with a good logo, and the rest can be built on top of that quite quickly.

Working with a creative branding agency can be helpful in figuring out what direction to move in at every step of the way, but it is not required if you want to redesign your logo or some other minor details like that.

Remember that you should continue working with them in the future if you want to maintain brand consistency later on, especially if you start expanding your brand in multiple new directions, e.g. by launching new websites or social media profiles.

It is going to be very important that each of those new profiles be styled in a consistent way that matches your current brand identity, so pay attention to whom you are working with and what you are ordering for your logo.

5 — You are Preparing for a New Product

When you are about to launch a new product, you must pay particular attention to the way you are presenting yourself on the market.

Especially if it is a significant launch that could potentially impact your operations significantly — in this case, a good logo design can make or break your entire company once the product is out there and people are paying attention to it.

You want to have something memorable that will be instantly recognised once the ads start going out, while at the same time, it should be designed stylishly and tastefully to avoid making a poor impression.

Look up some reviews of professional logo designers to know with whom to work.

6 — You Want to Influence Potential Customers Better

When someone is examining a product of yours that he or she might be interested in, your logo will influence his or her decision in a significant way.

This might not be too obvious to those who are not familiar with logo design and similar branding points.

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However, there is a reason why major companies pay so much attention to the way their logo looks at a glance and the first impressions that they are making to potential customers.

In some cases, you can see vast amounts of research being poured into that aspect of a more substantial business.

This is somewhat related to what we mentioned above about companies using their logos to influence the decisions of their customers and connect with them better.

If you want to look into this more deeply, you should check out the advanced research that has been going on in this field.

7 — Your Current Logo Is Made In-house

If the person who designed your current logo is not a professional designer, but merely an employee who was tasked with coming up with a nice-looking graphic, you could probably safely discard what you have and look for an alternative solution.

The thing is, there is a lot that goes into creating a professionally made logo; it is far from just a combination of colours and shapes.

Some rules have to be followed — both written and unwritten ones — and professional logo designers with multiple years of experience under their belts are valued for a good reason.

Moreover, no, this is not something you can learn from a quick Google search.

There are free courses on design theory online, but it is going to take you far too much time to familiarise yourself with this to create just one logo.

It is a smarter investment to hire a company to do the job at this point.

8 — Your Logo Has not Changed in a Long Time

Take a look at any major brand, and you are going to notice that they rarely keep the identical logo for more than a few years at a time.

There are exceptions, but there is often a good reason behind this if you start investigating.

The point is, there is a lot to gain from switching things up now and then, and if your current logo has been with you for several years now, it may be time to refresh it and look for something else.

Don’t be afraid of any potential damage to your branding — you should expect the opposite if you pull this off correctly.

Sure, there are some examples of companies that have had some trouble after they have changed their logos, but this can usually be traced back to a fundamental problem with the new design.

As long as you contract a professional to come up with something that looks good and is done properly, you should not worry.

9 — Market Trends Are Changing

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Sometimes you may also discover that your current logo merely is out of touch with current trends.

A good example is a shift we saw from glossy styles to flat-coloured rectangular shapes some years ago in the tech industry.

Sometimes, certain trends just come and go, much like in the world of fashion, and pretty much any other field that involves creative work.

While you can hardly do anything to influence those trends, you can still make sure that you at least stay in line with them and don’t fall behind at the most critical moments of your company’s growth.

Also, you never know when you might come up with some creative change to your logo that catches on and manages to become a trend on its own!

It has happened to small companies in the past, and while it is probably not something you can count on to last a long time, it can still be a fun experience.

10 — Your Competitors Are Making a Major Move

When another company in your market is doing something important, you will want to take advantage of that opportunity and draw some attention to yourself if you can.

There are different ways to do that but making some changes to your logo and promoting some of your products can usually produce some surprisingly good results.

Make sure that you do not obnoxiously go about this and maintain a respectful attitude towards the work of your competitors.

After all, you would not want them encroaching on your new product launch in a distasteful manner, would you?

As long as everyone maintains a right attitude about the situation and stays within reasonable lines, it should not be a problem for anyone involved.

Having your logo designed in-house can make sense in certain circumstances, like when the business is still in its early development stages.

However, as you grow larger and get noticed by your target audience more often, you will want to make sure that you make the perfect impression right off the bat.

Moreover, in that case, a professionally designed logo is one of the smartest long-term investments you can make.

Author Bio: Boris Dzhingarov graduated University of National and World Economy with major marketing. He writes for several sites online such as Semrush, Tweakyourbiz and Socialnomics.net. Boris is the founder of Tech Surprise and MonetaryLibrary.

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