10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Graphic Designer

As an entrepreneur, understanding the fundamentals of graphic design, can help in hiring a graphic designer for the job.

Also, it will assist with determining if the candidate has the personality to be successful at your company — an established vision for potential designs is essential.

To be competitive in today’s market, a graphic designer needs to know more than how to create a good logo design or business cards.

The goal of hiring a graphic designer is finding one that can create designs that are within branding guidelines, with a portfolio that is consistent with your current branding.

Be open to the idea of hiring a freelance graphic designer or an independent contractor if the business need is short term.

Freelancers have the capacity in their schedule to work on indefinite assignments.

It provides a cost benefit to you because it can reduce the cost of hiring a graphic designer full time.

A designer that can evoke emotions using a selection of realistic images, with minimal direction, will be a valuable addition to your team.

What are your business goals?

If the entire image of the company needs rebranding, it will be of benefit to hiring a full-time employee.

In contrast, a freelancer can be on call when an assignment is required.

A freelancer can work in the office or off-site as it provides a flexible work option.

It is a convenient employment option if the goal is to reduce employment costs.

hiring a freelance graphic designer
hiring a freelance graphic designer

A way to find out online reviews of a graphic designer that is a freelancer or completes assignments for organisations in their spare time is to search for reviews online.

You can request a link to their profile on Upwork, Hubstaff Talent, or Guru.

These sites offer the public freelance job opportunities on the internet for companies to find creatives.

Their profile has a section for organisations that receive completed work to rank them based on a star system and submit their feedback on the quality of work.

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When the time comes to hiring a graphic designer, it is essential to ask about their workload.

A freelancer can have a high or low number of clients that can depend on them to be available during business hours.

The worst situation for you to experience is to hire a freelancer with the mindset their schedule is open for work at a last minute’s notice.

tips hiring a graphic designer
tips hiring a graphic designer

One way to save your time in hiring candidates is to provide a graphic design text before or during a job interview.

Include a list of instructions for the designer to follow branding guidelines and set a deadline of up to 5 days for completion.

It can be a simple test to create a design for business cards, a T-shirt or an image for a label on a product.

An example of a test is to request applicants to redesign a company logo.

After the logo is complete, set up a meeting with your employees to help with selecting the final candidate for a second interview.

This point applies to companies that work with marketing agencies and a graphic designer working on-site.

A graphic designer that has experience working within a budget by tracking expenses and receipts can make is a desirable skill.

As you focus on servicing customers, a graphic designer with the confidence to negotiate rates and manage finances for marketing campaigns can save you the expense of hiring a marketing manager.

hire a graphic designer
hire a graphic designer

When a new employee works on a freelance contract for three months, it offers a business owner an opportunity to review their work before hiring a graphic designer as a full-time employee.

It is wise to include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in the event the graphic designer decides to end the contract.

Furthermore, you can stop the business relationship before the contract ends if the work is not satisfactory.

A list of points to include in the agreement are below:

  • Payment requirements
  • Turnaround time for compensation
  • Length of contract
  • Expectations

A lawyer can provide insight on how to write a valid contract before sending it to a potential candidate.

A graphic designer that understands the demographics of your target audience is helpful.

The overall goal is to educate the new employee about the mindset of consumers that purchase your products, visit the website, request a brochure of your retail items and social media users that follow you on the internet.

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The information that will help the person you decide to hire is listed below:

  • Education
  • Income
  • Industry (i.e., technology, retail, real estate)
  • Gender
  • Culture

It is recommended to hire a graphic designer that has a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience in your industry.

A designer that can understand your vision when instructions are sent via email, telephone or in person is ideal.

A designer with 5 to 10 years of experience completing assignments for a variety of industries (i.e., healthcare, retail, fashion, technology) has an imagination that can change the entire branding of your current designs.

It is helpful to select a candidate that asks questions, is assertive and can be mindful of the opinions of the team.

design communication
design communication

A graphic designer that can communicate industry knowledge by studying trends attends industry events and has a network of graphic designers at leading companies is a perfect candidate.

This individual participates monthly graphic design membership meetings in his or her free time.

If the designer is active in the community by teaching graphic design part-time or volunteers their skills to help local businesses learn design fundamentals, it reflects their passion for their craft.

The salary of a graphic designer varies in the United Kingdom.

PayScale offers a salary review that states the median income of a Graphic Designer is £21,821.

The range based on the job experience is between £16,009 — £30,011.

A freelance graphic designer earns between £12,040 — £60,343.

However, employee benefits that include vacation, healthcare, and sick days are not involved in employing a freelancer at your company.

top 10 freelance sites
top 10 freelance sites

The freelance economy has developed the careers of educated and highly qualified graphic designers in the industry.

According to a Forbes article, “Since 2009, the freelance economy in the UK has grown by 25% and generates an estimated £109 billion a year.”

We include a few reputable sites to help in hiring a graphic designer for upcoming projects.


Upwork is a freelance website where companies can set up a profile, post a job opportunity and communicate with independent workers.

The website acts as a mediator for businesses to pay freelancers online and review disputes for non-payment or issues with projects.


Guru is another freelance website with international workers that bid for job opportunities posted by organisations.

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You can set an expiration for the job posting and review the applications of freelancers.

Payments can be made based on milestones.

For examples, if the rate to pay a graphic designer for a logo is £500, you can send £250 as an initial deposit until the work is complete.

Hubstaff Talent

On Hubstaff Talent a job post is free for 60 days.

The job can be set to public for hiring a graphic designer searching for freelance work to find the posting.

If it is preferable for Hub staff freelancers to find the posting, it can be set to limited visibility.


On freelancer, a standard job posting is free with advanced opportunities that require a fee.

Media Bistro

Media Bistro is used by well know companies that include NBC Universal, Bloomberg, Visit Britain and the New York Post.

The benefit to using the site is you can post either a freelance job or an in-house position to find a full-time employee.

Hiring managers in human resources can use it, or an entrepreneur with a small business can find qualified talent.

Hiring a graphic designer is meant to make your life easier.

A qualified professional can support a team of in-house designers or can work remotely from home offering assistance during business hours.

The first step is to determine the skills needed for a designer to accomplish your short and long-term business goals.

Review the budget for hiring a professional to confirm if it is best to hire an employee or reduce costs by working with a freelancer.

It is essential to communicate this in a job posting the business needs.

Also, discussing the needs of candidates to prevent hiring the wrong person is essential.

If the designer has experience working as a freelancer search for reviews online that is available on Google or a freelance website.

Test graphic designers that apply for the job posting and request a contract be signed.

A short-term contract provides time to review work completed to discern if the graphic designer is right for the company long term.

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