10 Things to Consider when you Hire a Graphic Designer

Hiring a graphic designer can be a hard task.

Moreover, it becomes more challenging when you are an entrepreneur and need to decide on your own who is the best fit.

As you might have known until now, hiring can be a tricky job.

It requires you to understand talent, and also filter it out from thousands of applicants.

So, how do you do it?

In this article, we will list ten things to consider when you hire a graphic designer.

This will help you to get the right designer for your project.

As every project is different, it is essential for you to find the right graphic designer with their specific skills.

Let’s get started.

10 Things to Consider when you Hire a Graphic Designer

1. Define your goals

The first thing that you need to be clear about is your goals.

Do you need a graphic designer for redesigning your whole website or one for just creating a company logo design?

By defining your goals, you will make it easy for yourself to find the right fit.

Also, some projects are better for hiring a full-time designer, rather than a freelancer.

Freelancers work fine with the smaller projects, especially if you are looking to build a blog and design it accordingly.

A freelance graphic designer is also great if you need someone to assist a project rather than lead it.

Also, they are considerably cheaper compared to full-time designers.

So, only hire one if you think your project needs one or you are on a low-budget.

2. Experience

You should always look out for the experience that the graphic designer has.

Generally, graphic designers have experience in working with multiple clients, with diverse requirements.

If you see anyone who has experienced similar projects to your specification, do consider them carefully.

As they have worked on similar projects, there are higher chances that they will have the required skills to complete the job successfully.

Graphic designers who have worked on multiple projects tend to have a sense of flexibility and can agree on a reasonable project cost.

Also, they will be more consistent regarding managing expenses when it comes to handling the project.

3. Online Reviews

It can be tricky to hire a graphic designer online.

That’s why you should search for their online reviews.

You can also go forward and ask them for their Freelancer, Dribbble, Portfolio or UpWork profiles if they have one.

Many of the established online graphic designers should have at least one of the profiles mentioned above.

Their profile should present almost everything that you need to know.

If they don’t have a profile, then no need to worry.

You can also ask them for their other online reviews or any personal reviews that they go when working with a company.

Understanding these testimonials will give you a good insight into their capabilities and what to expect if you decide to work with them.

4. Testing skills

Testing skills are essential when it comes to an understanding of the capabilities of a graphic designer.

You can either conduct simple Q&A or ask them to discuss a simple task.

However, be wary that you don’t overburden them with the job.

No one expects to work on a hefty task for the interview process.

It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.

You can also ask the designer to go through your brand and tell you what they think about it.

Some example tasks include critiquing a website, discussing brand image for a product or their advice on what to do next.

Once done, meet them up (or do telecommunication) and learn about their thinking on how they accomplished the task.

5. Budget

There is no scarcity of talented graphic designers.

However, you will only get what you pay for.

For starters, simple projects should have a minimum budget of $50.

The higher the complexity or requirement, the higher the budget should be.

If you don’t maintain this and try to hire someone with less experience and less budget, don’t be disappointed if they don’t deliver high-quality results.

More significant projects, on the other hand, should have budgets starting at $1000, reaching up to $10,000 or more.

However, there are scenarios where you might only need to spend $500–800.

For example, you can use a website builder like WIX, SQUARESPACE or UCRAFT to build your blog.

Once done, you might need some modifications in your design.

In this case, it is better to hire a graphic designer who would quickly do it for you.

You should also consider agencies that provide a complete end-to-end solution.

They are more experienced in handling projects, and would always give you a breakdown before starting your work.

They are upfront and will manage the expenses professionally.

Also, it doesn’t matter whom you hire, always ask for a detailed breakdown of the expenses that will take place during the project.

6. What type of skills do you need?

Graphic design is a significant vertical.

It also includes experts with specific design skills.

Someone may like to do creative work on books or maybe do packaging design.

There should be particular skills that you should look for.

If you are not sure, always ask the graphic designer upfront so that everyone knows what to expect.

For example, you might want to hire a graphic designer who can take photographs before using them in your project.

Alternatively, maybe a specialist in either Visual Studio or Adobe Illustrator.

Your requirement determines what type of skills you are looking for.

To ensure that get the right talent for your project, be clear and upfront.

7. Do a video chat interview

Interviews are crucial when it comes to knowing the candidate.

Of course, you can always ask questions in chat, but a video chat is what will make you sure about your choice.

You can set up a video chat at a preferred time by yourself and the candidate.

In the interview, try to become familiar with the designer.

You can also go ahead and ask them to present visuals that will help your further gauge their skills.

After doing the interview, give them feedback on what do you think about them.

Also, don’t call out if you don’t like anything.

It is always a good idea to interview a few potential candidates before making a final decision.

8. Ask the candidate what they need for proper project execution

Information is vital.

That’s why you should be clear from the start in sharing information.

To do so, you also need to understand what the graphic designer needs.

They might require product guidelines, documentation or other design process followed by past designers.

Also, they might need core files to work on.

The process of exchange information back and forth should be carried through the project.

You can also proactively provide them with the materials that you think that they will need to make the project a success.

By doing so, you are moving your project to success and ensuring that it gets completed within the deadline.

9. Target audience and brand

To ensure that the work is done according to what you are looking for, explain the brand identity and target audience.

Each company or business is different, and that’s where brand values and customer personas come in.

If a designer doesn’t know what your brand is trying to achieve, you will most probably get something that is not intended.

You can also ask them to do research and ask questions when needed.

However, we would recommend to always brief the designer before starting the project.

If you have defined a persona for your audience, don’t forget to share it with the creative.

It will help them better understand the target audience.

10. Design contract

A contract can help you set up the whole project.

If your project information is confidential, don’t forget to ask your designer to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

The contract should include deliverables, requirements, length, and expectations.

If you are not sure how to create an NDA or contract, it is better to hire a lawyer to do it for you.


As you can see hiring a graphic designer is no small task.

It requires a sensible approach, and you need to be careful in all the steps that you take.

Also, hiring can quickly turn a week into a month.

Generally, many businesses try to hire designers in the span of 2 or 3 days.

That’s not bad.

However, chances of hiring a wrong person are high if the time is cut short.

Also, your job as an employer doesn’t end when you do a successful hire.

It is your responsibility to build an engaging relationship with them.

As usual, a proper communication channel can open tons of possibilities and also make a long-term relationship with your hire.

Always remember, your business is all about the people you work with.

It is them that build your business, and you should work hard to maintain a positive relationship.

Being transparent, concise and feedback oriented can help anyone grow under your leadership and also bring your business to new heights.

So, what do you think about the tips listed above?

Comment below and let us know.

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