12 Steps To Write A Design Brief For Your Web Design Project

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12 Steps To Write A Design Brief For Your Web Design Projects

Writing a comprehensive design brief for your web design projects is essential for keeping them on track.

You might not understand the importance of a design brief just yet, but by the time you finish reading this article, you will be confident that such a thing is necessary.

Here’s how you can write a design brief for your web design projects in twelve easy steps.

The Basics of a Design Brief

A design brief has several purposes, including:

  • Provide you and the designer with all the necessary information about the design in question.
  • Offer your team a more detailed picture of the expectations about a particular web design project.
  • Help you keep all the individual contributors on track as well as corresponding to the time and budget of the project.
  • Give the client a sense of involvement in the project and allowing you to understand their taste and view better.

1 — An Overview of Your Business

The first section in your brief should be dedicated to your business.

Think of it as your company profile or bio where you include all the possible details about your brand.

You have to include such things as:

  • Company name, industry, address, and so on
  • Brand selling position and unique features
  • Brand vision, mission, values, and messaging
  • Key stakeholders, team members, contributors
  • Direct competitors (this will also be a separate section)

Remember that this is just an overview of your business and you will be providing more detailed information further on in the brief, so try not to make this section way too long.

2 — The Objectives of Your Design Project



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