14 Creative Web Design Trends That Dominate 2020

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8 min readApr 27, 2020

The first quarter of the year is over, and we’re already seeing the creative web design trends for the year 2020.

From typography to colour schemes, shapes and animations, web designers are experimenting on different features for their websites. So which web design trends will rule 2020?

I will include some of the most popular and creative designs in this article to help you improve your website. Take a look at each trend and decide which one you would use on your own site.

1 — Text-only heroes

In 2019, there have been experiments with hero areas, also known as the “above the fold” areas. These are parts of the website being shown when you first load the site. Such conducts are likely to become more evident this year. One of those experiments was text-only heroes.

The hero areas usually showcase various elements. However, the “text-only” trend lets typography do the work by removing the typical background image.

An excellent example of this is the architectural website, Phase3.uk. Although its hero changes its colour background, it only shows a simple text, which is captivating.

2 — Vintage-inspired colours and typography

Like fashion, old trends are having a comeback even in web design. This year, it seems this trend will take a different form. Instead of an all-out retro look, websites are mixing nostalgia with modernity.

The most common inspiration is the use of vintage colours and fonts to convey a nostalgic feeling. The earthy colour scheme and vintage typography are apparent in Typewolf’s website. It brings the old sense, but not dated design.

3 — Illustrations

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