15 Best UI Kits To Start Web And App Designing From Scratch in 2019

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9 min readJun 17, 2019


15 Best UI Kits To Start Web And App Designing From Scratch 2019

A digital wave has taken over trade and commerce on a global level.

With a staggering number of over two billion sites over the internet, what do you think are your chances of customising an out of the box design for your website?

The answer to that would be “minimal”.

If you are thinking about surfing this digital wave, then you will have to do more than just creating a website for your business.

This generation has gone mobile, and a business that has an efficient mobile app stands at the top of the pyramid.

The number of mobile app downloads is predicted to rise to 258.2 billion in the next few years.

According to experts, people give high value to ease of use, chromatic appearance and aesthetic appeal when it comes to downloading and using mobile applications.

Therefore, if you want to make the most out of your investment, you have to shift your focus on the user interface of your mobile application.

For reaching out to your audience in the best way possible, you should try taking services from a mobile app development company for getting a mobile app developed.

There are tools which you can use for improving the User Interface design while developing a mobile app for your business.

Some of those are mentioned here for you to read.


The Stamp is a module based UI kit that allows you to make a complete website within a few minutes.

It is a useful tool for freelance web developers who are looking for creative web designs.

The stamp provides its users with all the features and elements, which are required for creating a useful website.

It is also a sketch UI kit that has all of its elements and layers organised, which makes it easier for the end user to customise a specific UI element.



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