20 Myths of Logo Design [Busted]

1 — A logo must always reflect the workings of the company.

2 — A logo design should always make use of a symbol.

3 — Logo designs should always follow the traditional industry styles.

4 — A logo design has to be everlasting or timeless.

5 — A logo has to be likeable by all.

6 — A logo is the least important aspect when it comes to branding.

7 — One should have a perfect logo before they can start marketing.

8 — A great business logo can take the business to dizzying heights.

9 — Customers will start flooding in once a perfect logo is created.

10 — A fantastic logo will make the customers love the brand.

11 — Logo design is easy.

12 — There is no need to hire a professional designer for designing a logo.

13 — Any logo design can work for the company.

14 — The design of the logo should be complicated.

15 — Making logos is an expensive affair.

16 — Designing a logo does not involve creativity.

17 — Logos can be designed using clipart.

18 — A logo for the company must be similar to that of the competitor.

19 — Logo Design is random.

20 — Every logo must have some hidden message.

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