20 Myths of Logo Design [Busted]

Before we talk about the myths of logo design, you need to understand that logos are something which has to be simple, but convey the essence of the brand, in such a way that it resonates with the end customers.

1 — A logo must always reflect the workings of the company.

Though, as a part of branding, it becomes more natural, a logo may not always reflect what a company does.

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2 — A logo design should always make use of a symbol.

Not all the companies use symbols as a logomark.

3 — Logo designs should always follow the traditional industry styles.

When one thinks of real estate logos, a feeling of boredom can creep in.

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4 — A logo design has to be everlasting or timeless.

As the saying goes, ‘There is nothing permanent but change’.

5 — A logo has to be likeable by all.

One of the most common misconceptions is that a logo has to be liked by everyone.

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6 — A logo is the least important aspect when it comes to branding.

When someone says this, it can be assumed that he or she knows nothing about branding.

7 — One should have a perfect logo before they can start marketing.

Some of the most successful companies today had logos which were poorly designed.

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8 — A great business logo can take the business to dizzying heights.

Though logo designs are essential, they are not the only thing that the company should worry about.

9 — Customers will start flooding in once a perfect logo is created.

A business owner may feel great and highly satisfied with his/her logo; however, without proper branding, marketing and sales, the customers will not buy the product.

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10 — A fantastic logo will make the customers love the brand.

An excellent logo would surely be appreciated by the company.

11 — Logo design is easy.

Nothing in this world is simple.

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12 — There is no need to hire a professional designer for designing a logo.

Again, creating a logo is not easy.

13 — Any logo design can work for the company.

It would not be the wisest decision to save money when it comes to logo designing.

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14 — The design of the logo should be complicated.

When it comes to logo designs, some of the best ones are those which are simple, but unique.

15 — Making logos is an expensive affair.

Logo designs are something which needs to be constructed from scratch.

16 — Designing a logo does not involve creativity.

Most jobs require creativity, but jobs like logo designing need it all the more.

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17 — Logos can be designed using clipart.

Clip-arts are designs, illustrations and icons which are premade.

18 — A logo for the company must be similar to that of the competitor.

When a logo for a company is similar to that of the competitor, it does more harm than good.

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19 — Logo Design is random.

Creating a logo is not random.

20 — Every logo must have some hidden message.

The hidden message in a brand adds merely to its novelty factor and in no way describes the meaning the company is trying to convey.

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