5 Ways to Determine Whether Your Tagline Can Increase Brand Recognition

A tagline that can increase brand recognition is believed to be a powerful instrument that every business needs.

What is a Tagline that Can Increase Brand Recognition?

ABC of Success: Increase Brand Recognition Easy

Now you know what you are looking for in a tagline, right?

A — Authentic

To determine whether your tagline that can increase brand recognition, question the authenticity of the tagline.

  1. Come up with three powerful nouns, verbs, and adjectives that you associate with your business. One of this words can be an excellent basis for an authentic tagline.
  2. Define three immediate competitors and three international leaders in your market niche and the taglines they use.

B — Believable

One more reliable way to determine the branding potential of your tagline is to run a series of tests to make sure that your tagline:

  1. Is free from generalisations. Do you best to avoid taglines like “It will save you time” or “We are helpful” etc.
  2. Is realistic. Be honest with your customers. Do not pretend that your business is more significant or more profitable than it is at the moment with the help of a tagline. Remember that there is nothing worse for a growing company than a disappointed customer.

C — Customer-oriented

Think of your today’s clients as of the infinite resource for the growth of your brand.

  1. Asking customers of different social groups to come up with their explanation of the tagline. A customer-oriented tagline is always easy to decipher even for a ten-year-old client.
  2. Getting rid of the overused lexicon, professional jargon and other linguistic phenomena that can stupify your prospective customers. Being too simple is a way better than being too sophisticated when it comes to taglines that increase brand recognition.

D — Dynamic

A successful tagline is not just a descriptive phrase.

  • promises comfort,
  • articulates advantages etc.

E — Easily Remembered

A tagline that can guarantee the improvement of the brand recognition is always memorable.

  • Is it shorter than six words?
  • Does it fit into your brand storytelling?


Once you analysed the tagline of yours from five different perspectives, it is your call.

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