5 Ways to Determine Whether Your Tagline Can Increase Brand Recognition

A tagline that can increase brand recognition is believed to be a powerful instrument that every business needs.

Containing a few words and representing your business vision, a tagline should not take much blood, sweat, and tears.

At least, this is what most young entrepreneurs think.

The truth is bitter, however, as you need to come up with a successful tagline way earlier than you are ready for.

Usually, at the point when you need a tagline, you do not know either your market niche or the volume of your market share inside out.

More often than not, at that moment, the vital social indicators of your target audience remain off the record too.

That is why, even if you managed to think of a potential tagline, you need to determine right away whether the slogan is capable of increasing brand awareness.

To help you, in this post, we start with shedding light on what differentiates a tagline from similar concepts.

After that, we provide practical tips on checking tagline practicality in 5 different ways.

We will test your tagline based on whether it is authentic, believable, customer-oriented, dynamic, and easy to remember (thus, the ABC).

So, feel free to start a successful business and create a brand website using the tips below!

What is a Tagline that Can Increase Brand Recognition?

Let’s start with defining a tagline and analysing what differentiates a motto from partly similar concepts, i.e. a slogan, and a mission statement.

NB: If you are already familiar with the notions above, feel free to skip to the next section.

If not, dive in to sort everything out!

A tagline is a tool that can increase brand recognition big time.

Chosen as a guiding line for a business, a tagline is going to stick to your company image for years, if not for good.

This is why it is so important to come up with a tagline that identifies you as a brand, even if your business is in its early stages at the moment.

Unlike a tagline, a slogan is a one-time solution for promoting your services.

A new slogan is picked every time you start a new advertising campaign.

Sure thing, slogans are essential too, but they do not determine who you are as a company in the long run.

A mission statement is a short description of your goals, philosophy, and culture as a company.

Rarely do customers know precisely what is written in the mission statement as this tool is mainly used for internal purposes.

Containing more words than a tagline and a slogan, a mission statement is what helps you stay focused on the current moment, not prospective sales or profits.

As you can see, you need to know the difference between the concepts mentioned above if you want to build a substantial presence on the market.

ABC of Success: Increase Brand Recognition Easy

Now you know what you are looking for in a tagline, right?

However, the question remains whether it is possible to determine how successful a tagline is before trying to put your best foot forward with it.

Well, the good news is that there are quite a few branding agencies that specialise in design services.

If in despair, you can always hire them to come up with a suitable tagline for your business.

There is bad news, though, that is connected with the financial branding challenges.

Unless you have a generous budget, hiring a bunch of professionals may be not the road you should take.

In addition, if your business is still young, you are probably the only person capable of picking the tagline that will suit your needs to the fullest.

That is why we have come up with a to-do list that should help you determine a successful tagline.

A — Authentic

To determine whether your tagline that can increase brand recognition, question the authenticity of the tagline.

To accomplish that, you need to:

  1. Answer the question “Who are you as a company?” in one sentence. An authentic tagline will comply with the values and principles you express.
  2. Come up with three powerful nouns, verbs, and adjectives that you associate with your business. One of this words can be an excellent basis for an authentic tagline.
  3. Define three immediate competitors and three international leaders in your market niche and the taglines they use.

An authentic tagline should not contain any words or phrase structures that resemble the competitors’ taglines.

B — Believable

One more reliable way to determine the branding potential of your tagline is to run a series of tests to make sure that your tagline:

  1. Contains no exaggerations. Taglines like “Total quality”, “The lowest price ever” etc. do not look professional. They say nothing about you as a company but demonstrate how little time and effort you invested in your branding.
  2. Is free from generalisations. Do you best to avoid taglines like “It will save you time” or “We are helpful” etc.
  3. Is realistic. Be honest with your customers. Do not pretend that your business is more significant or more profitable than it is at the moment with the help of a tagline. Remember that there is nothing worse for a growing company than a disappointed customer.

C — Customer-oriented

Think of your today’s clients as of the infinite resource for the growth of your brand.

Remember that a tagline that can increase brand recognition is 100% customer-oriented.

To determine if your tagline has this 100% potential and to check your brand consistency, analyse the customer perception by:

  1. Picking at least ten satisfied customers and asking them what they enjoyed most about working with you. Does your tagline reflect any of their answers?
  2. Asking customers of different social groups to come up with their explanation of the tagline. A customer-oriented tagline is always easy to decipher even for a ten-year-old client.
  3. Getting rid of the overused lexicon, professional jargon and other linguistic phenomena that can stupify your prospective customers. Being too simple is a way better than being too sophisticated when it comes to taglines that increase brand recognition.

D — Dynamic

A successful tagline is not just a descriptive phrase.

It is a tool that can attract and hold the attention of the target audience until they get to remember what this phrase stands for.

So, your business will benefit from a dynamic tagline that (depending on the brand types):

  • creates a sense of urgency,
  • promises comfort,
  • articulates advantages etc.

This being said, however, remember that a superb tagline should not spark off any negative associations.

It is a downright disgrace if a tagline blurs the line between being dynamic and dramatic.

One of the most notorious examples that illustrate such a disgrace is Stillwell Ford.

As a Ford dealer, they have come up with a tagline “We put people in front of cars”.

Yes, the figurative meaning of the phrase is positive on the whole.

However, there is still some room for improvement when we take this tagline literally, isn’t there?

One more example of how a tagline can set off negative reaction is a former “Somebody Else Up There Who Loves You” tagline of Southwest Airlines.

There is no doubt that quite a few religious people who are afraid of flying thought that this tagline was created to mean well but was sending a mixed message.

E — Easily Remembered

A tagline that can guarantee the improvement of the brand recognition is always memorable.

How can you test the memorability potential?

Answer the questions below:

  • Is a tagline easy to pronounce?
  • Is it shorter than six words?
  • Does it fit into your brand storytelling?

If your result is three “Yes”, it is likely that your prospective customers will get to recognise your brand quickly thanks to the smart choice of a tagline.


Once you analysed the tagline of yours from five different perspectives, it is your call.

Choose one of the available options, i.e. to keep the tagline in the branding toolkit, to change a tagline, or even to get rid of it.

Perceive your tagline as a fluid concept, as the future of a tagline is uncertain (according to Forbes).

So, do your best to determine the brand recognition potential of your tagline as early as possible!

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Originally published at inkbotdesign.com on June 18, 2018.

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