6 Smart Tips To Prevent Website Crashes (Web Owners Guide)

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8 min readJan 8, 2020

6 Smart Tips to Prevent Website Crashes

A site that takes a while to load can be frustrating.

But when a website crashes, you might want to restrain yourself from flipping your table.

The only thing that you can do is restart your browser.

Unfortunately, that could mean losing all your other opened tabs.

If you are unlucky, the crash could take Windows along with it, and you have to restart your computer completely.

What Causes Website Crashes?

Why does your website crash? Why does it happen anyway?

A website crashes for a variety of reasons.

First, maybe because the server doesn’t have enough space to be able to handle all the traffic.

This is true, especially if you are hosting your website, which can generate hundreds of thousands of traffic per day, on a shared server.

The same thing happens when your server’s physical location is too far away from people trying to get to your site.

So, even if you have a dedicated server, your website can still crash.

Website crashes aren’t 100 per cent preventable, especially if you’ve unexpectedly gone viral.

Here are other reasons why your website crashes:

Code errors. Your website can crash when you accidentally broke the web code. For instance, someone messed it up while doing the maintenance or when updating your site.

Malicious attacks. These could either be from bots or hackers who would want to access your client information. Remember that many bots are running around the internet, several of them carrying software viruses.

Hackers. These are people who are trying to break into your site deliberately.

Hosting error. This usually happens when your site goes down because your hosting plan is not large enough. If you are planning to scale your site over time…



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