7 Ways Marketing Is Changing For Small Businesses In 2019

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8 min readSep 11, 2019

7 Ways Marketing is Changing for Small Businesses

The world of advertising and marketing has been experiencing drastic changes lately.

The entire landscape has now changed for businesses of all sizes.

However, it is much harder to make your brand’s presence felt when you are a small entity surrounded by some major industry giants.

In such situations, it is essential to make way for your brand and effectively reach the masses.

To help you to achieve that goal, we bring you 7 tips to improve your marketing strategy and adapt to the new ways. (Continue till the end for a bonus tip!)

1. Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors

It is always healthy to face a certain level of competition from one’s peers.

The same holds true for businesses as well.

To gain an advantage over your competitor brands, you need to conduct thorough research.

Looking into the strategies that your competitors follow is a smart move.

While every tip and trick may not work for everyone, there is no harm in considering multiple strategies for marketing your business.

However, would it be enough to pick up only the positives and completely ignore the negatives?

An essential part of trying to gain an advantage over your competitors is to be able to learn from the mistakes that they have made.

Observe your competitors carefully and find out where they went wrong.

There are now several competitor analysis tools that are readily available, such as Ahrefs and Feedly.

2. Don’t Try To Survive As A Lone Wolf



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