8 Unusual Tips to Increase Branding Awareness in 2018

Increased branding awareness has always been among top priorities for marketers, but it is also one of the most significant professional challenges.

What makes Coca-Cola or Apple so powerful?

Well, no matter where you are — you just can’t help but notice them.

It is the ultimate level of branding awareness that only a few selected companies can achieve.

As for the rest of the business world, the goal is to get the foot in the door and distinguish the brand from competitors.

This is extremely important because:

Most companies follow the usual marketing patterns such as social media advertising or content creation.

While these channels of promotion remain essential, they are not enough to get your head and shoulders above competitors.

For this reason, you need a smarter approach to boost brand awareness.

In this post, we will show you eight awesome tips to build branding awareness wisely.

1 — Inspire Controversy

Successful marketers know when it is time to play with their customers’ emotions.

There are four underlying feelings you can evoke: anger, happiness, sorrow, and surprise.

It is not a typical tactic, but carefully designed campaigns can quickly skyrocket branding awareness.

You should focus on trendy topics and seize the opportunity to raise controversial questions.

You do not even have to take sides, but only point out the problem.

Using Google Trends, you can find hot themes in any timeframe or location and then build the story around it.

In case you come up with a controversial idea by yourself, don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

For instance, JBS Underwear made a commercial in which female models promote men’s underwear.

The logic is simple — an average man does not want to watch other men wearing underpants, while the public immediately raises sexism concerns.

It is a perfect situation for JBS Underwear because guys love the commercial, while the brand earns increased brand awareness due to the women’s rights debate.

2 — Create Infographics

Visual content is dominating the Internet these days.

A human brain can process visual information much faster than textual content, which is perfect for impatient brand followers.

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Bearing this in mind, you should focus on designing content that is both informative and easy to digest.

That is how we get to infographics.

According to the study, social media users like and share infographics three times more often than any other type of digital content.

This format gives you the opportunity to present interesting facts and ideas, but there is also enough space for content branding.

Besides that, you do not have to be a graphic design expert to create a beautiful infographic.

Online tools such as Canva make this process a lot easier with their simple and intuitive features.

There are hundreds of new templates that you can adapt to fit the style and colours of your brand.

Canva mostly does all the work — you need to administer the process.

3 — Local Partnerships

If you are running a business with physical stores or branches, you should establish relations with the local community.

It is a great way to prove social responsibility and build a base of loyal customers.

You can sponsor local sports clubs, events, and art groups.

Their activities gather many spectators who will get a chance to notice and remember your brand.

At the same time, residents will strengthen emotional bonds with the brand identifying it with the team or events they love.

You should also combine local partnerships with Google Maps.

Namely, location-related searches on Google are growing 50% faster than all other mobile inquiries.

People who see your brand in real-life occasions will probably look for it online, so you should set up a Google Maps business account.

It will increase branding awareness, attract local customers, and reduce the cost of the so-called marketing waste.

Namely, you will not have to spend money on generic campaigns but instead, focus on exact location and target consumers.

4 — Packaging Inserts

Online businesses can make a breakthrough adding small but convenient packaging inserts to their deliveries.

Using a well thought-out and designed packaging insert program as part of your campaign reinforces the trust your customers have with you.

It does not have to be an expensive gift or perk.

All it takes is to show appreciation and thank customers for buying your products or services.

The way you do it depends on your creativity and financial power, but we recommend you try three things at the beginning:

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Promo coupons: This is the most accessible packaging insert model. You can thank first-time shoppers by sending discount codes for the second purchase. It is not only a way to increase branding awareness but also to cross-sell products.

Gifts: Branded giveaways are exciting because they have practical value (key tags, hats, etc.) and promote your brand simultaneously. They are cheap and easy to make, so you do not have to spend too much money.

“Thank You” notes: Nothing reveals appreciation as much as handwritten “Thank You” notes. This is a personalised packaging insert that proves you take care of each customer individually.

5 — Professional Storytelling

Marketing leaders do not want to advertise products directly.

Instead, they want to tell people a compelling and emotional story.

As much as 45% of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it, which means you need to be a professional storyteller.

Timothy Barton, a content creator at Resumes Planet, recently noted:

“Every little piece of content must be carefully designed to match the needs and preferences of your target audience. Your story is not supposed to shout “Buy Now!” at customers, but rather explain to them what makes the brand so valuable and worthwhile”.

This tactic goes beyond blogging — it also encompasses social media marketing, audio, and video content.

Each one of these formats should revolve around an appealing screenplay to evoke emotional reactions among consumers.

6 — Organise Contests

Social media contests are not a new thing, but they still play an important role in brand building campaigns.

Social platforms like Facebook or Instagram gather more 3 billion active users worldwide, creating a massive base of potential customers.

You should seize the opportunity to organise contests that will increase branding awareness and make your followers engaged.

However, try to set clear and measurable goals.

For instance, your objective could be to increase the number of followers by 8%.

That way, you can quickly calculate the efficiency of each campaign and make the necessary adjustments.

Of course, social media followers should compete for a real prize.

You need to award the most successful or creative users with things they love.

For instance, schoolboys could earn a Sony Play Station, while web developers could get a one-year software license free of charge.

In each case, it must be something that resonates with your target audience.

7 — Utilise Word of Mouth Marketing

People do not believe paid advertising and commercials.

On the other hand, almost 90% of consumers trust brand recommendations coming from their peers or friends.

You need to take advantage of this fact and use the power of word of mouth marketing to increase branding awareness.

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Here are three easy ways to do it:

Online reviews: If you provide consumers with flawless service, you can count on positive online reviews.

Testimonials: Website testimonials and case studies with real clients sound convincing and make a big impression on potential customers.

Referral programs: This is a “give to get” approach. You offer clients free perks and benefits in exchange for new consumers they invite.

8 — Become a KOL

The last tip on our list is straightforward — become a key opinion leader in your niche, and you will deserve a lot of branding awareness.

It is easier said than done, but you can make it if you invest enough time and effort into this project.

Industry thought leaders attract thousands of followers and influence people’s purchasing decisions, but it means you must publish high-quality content at least once a week and leave your fans excited to see new posts.

At the same time, other influencers will try to reach you and invite you to write guest posts, thus increasing your fan base even more.

Such popularity allows you to promote your brand and increase its awareness in the long run.

Concluding our Branding Awareness Tips

Branding awareness is one of the crucial success drivers in the business.

If you can make products authentic and recognisable, you will stand out from the crowd of competitors and set the foundation for long-term success.

However, you cannot expect to boost brand awareness using old tricks.

In this post, we showed you eight crucial tips to build branding awareness wisely.

Don’t hesitate to try them out and let us know in comments if you have other exciting ideas to share with our readers!

Author bio: Warren is a marketing enthusiast and an editor at BestWritingClues, who loves music. If he does not have a guitar in his hands, he is probably embracing new technologies and marketing techniques online! You can meet him on Twitter and Facebook.

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