9 Approaches To Reap Passive Income As A Freelance Designer

9 Approaches to Reap Passive Income as a Freelance Graphic Designer

When you’re a designer or developer, there are many ways you can make a living.

Besides taking the traditional road of working as an employee in a design studio, there are also alternatives like in-house designing, freelance work, or even running your own business.

These are some active approaches towards graphic design, but they are not the only options available.

Since there are lots of competitors for client work, a large number of designers are using a mixture of a few different foundations of revenue to earn a living.

It is not weird to know that someone is earning passive income.

Graphic designers especially have taken this route to make their living more comfortable.

What this generally means is that there are a lot of varying opinions out there about how to generate income as a designer.

The design business is always generating profits with excellent work to life balance, so this is not unusual.

The following are some opportunities to use your design skills for recurring or passive income.

Start Your Own Blog

A great way of creating constant cash flow in your life is to start writing about your design business.

Your experiences and the design topics that interest you can be shared with people who are looking for guidance.

You will get good publicity for your business and get to share your set of skills.

You can also prepare tutorials for young designers which are in high demand in today’s market, especially in frequently published blogs.

There are so many tools that the Internet has to offer, which means that you can get your design blog up and running as soon as you want.

You don’t even need to know how to code to set this up.

Once you have decided to start your own blog and have some posts up, then there are many ways of earning money.

The most common path you can take is displaying advertisements on your website.

If your content is well written and appealing, then you can find a suitable network to work with, especially since there is a vast number of pay-per-view and pay-per-lead advertising systems.

Freelance To Crowdsourcing Sites

Creativity comes to designers naturally.

The one thing designers are not generally creative about is earning some passive income.

Freelancing is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Whether you consider freelancing your passion or a way to pay your bills, it is worth a shot.

If your methodology is creating recyclable art, standard templates, providing animation service, or designing a logo, then this could be the ultimate source to earn money online.

You can publish your artwork on crowdsourcing sites or even create your own profile.

Making money online through freelancing is gaining momentum and approval in the designing community.

It has turned out to be a growing industry in recent years and has proved to be a seamless choice for qualified graphic designers to make money online.

Since creating profiles on crowdsourcing sites isn’t challenging, it can be easily attained without much hassle.

Freelancing is known to give exposure to an extensive marketplace.

Countless design contests are launched online by these platforms to earn a higher percentage of revenues from different designs.

You can design a logo, create a catalogue design, business card design, a social media page design or anything else you’d like to enter.

Become a Host Reseller or Affiliate

If you have clients as a freelancer, they will need you to provide them with a hosting server.

Some clients prefer to host the site on their server, but if your business is on a smaller scale, you will have to have this service present as well.

If you are in this situation, then it can be easier if all of your clients are using the same web host to avoid any confusion.

You can establish some passive income for yourself by signing up as a reseller or build some affiliate links for yourself.

Almost every hosting company keeps an affiliate program, which means that you’ll earn a commission every time someone signs up for hosting using your link.

Many hosting sites also offer the option of reselling.

The process includes you buying the hosting and paying a certain amount every month.

After this, you can start reselling it to your clients.

As a reseller, you will usually have control over some of the particulars, like what you will charge the clients.

If any of your clients start buying these hosts from you then at the end of the month you will have quite a large amount of money.

The disadvantage of this is that you will have to be in charge of supporting your own clients.

This means you will need to factor in some time out of your schedule for providing customer support to these clients.

Create an Online Training Course

This has been around as long as Internet learning became common.

People regard it as an easy way to earn money because all they have to do is use sites like HOW Design University, Udemy and Skillshare.

You can build training courses in graphic design and Photoshop.

Students especially will find these online courses quite useful.

A course is a bit more challenging to create as the best ones require some video and audio editing skills.

You can look for a video animation company to overcome this obstacle, which can be enormously profitable.

The indefinite proceeds that will rise from this will most likely market the course on your behalf.

This content can be distributed across multiple platforms, which creates even more revenue streams.

You can get up to 50% in royalties from this, depending on which platform you use.

Sell design templates

Designers and most DIY venders are most likely on the lookout for graphic design templates throughout the year.

There is a distinct emphasis on templates that are editable in Photoshop and Illustrator.

They are always looking for flyer and poster templates, brochure templates, and website templates.

If you’re skilled with Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and other graphic design software, then you can quickly sell your own templates.

By using online marketplaces like GraphicRiver and Creative Market, you can straightforwardly generate passive income as a designer.

Publish an ebook

Once your blog takes off moderately, or your website starts gaining some traffic, then you can take the next step into making some more income.

Publishing ebooks has proved to be a great way to make extra money on the side.

You have to create the content of your ebook only once, which is a huge advantage.

Once the product is completed, it is published and can sell for years into the future.

This will keep getting you royalties without having to lift a finger.

Some ideas for an ebook might include a small ebook for your existing clients or something geared towards potential clients regarding successful websites or logo designs.

Once you have sold enough copies, your business will gain some reliability, and you will have constant earnings coming in.

Sell Your Own Fonts

You can sell your own fonts to make passive income, and this can prove to be very lucrative.

By creating your own fonts or scripts, you are producing new merchandise that will keep selling even after you’ve put in the work of fashioning it.

Since your ideas are novel and original, they will keep on making you money.

Fonts and scripts can be sold anytime and to anyone, which makes them quite a useful and marketable product.

You could design fonts for weddings, meetings, eateries, websites, infographics, leaflets, apps and artworks, among others.

However, you will need an online store to sell these fonts.

To accomplish this, you can use e-commerce platforms, like Sellfy, which allow you to build a store and sell digital downloads readily to your customers.

Alternatively, you can sell your fonts, scripts, typeface, and even your own custom-designed icons in your own online store.

When it comes to digital products, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Develop an app

This is a fresh and novel way to earn good money.

If you can develop an application that your clientele is interested in, then you can bring in a steady income for years.

To get this significant period of cash flow-in, you have to do long hours of research.

Building apps takes time and money, so this will be a long term investment with good profits.

An example of an innovative app is the ‘Are my sites up?’ Web app.

It’s an excellent tool for clients who want to know if everything is working correctly with their website.

You can get inspiration from this idea because an app like this saves time, money, and any trouble, all the while offering clients a way to confirm their website standing.

Sell photography

If you are a photographer or you have a passion for it on the side, then you can capitalise on this area.

You may have copious amounts of photographs sitting in hard drives or in your computers, none of which have made you any money.

If you are decent at the craft and you take time out to sort through them, you can sell the best ones online.

You can use stock photo sites that pay a percentage of any download.

Alternatively, you can also sell photos on sites that pay a flat rate instead of collective revenue.

Author Bio: By profession, Sarah Jay is a senior content manager, but in her free time, she loves to design amazing graphics that would help businesses. Also, she works for vidnado company and contributes her capability of designing for that company.

Originally published at https://inkbotdesign.com on September 4, 2019.

Inkbot Design a Creative Graphic Design Agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Experts in Logo Design and Branding. https://inkbotdesign.com/

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