Are Web Design Resources Worth Developers’ Attention?

Are Web Design Resources Worth Developers’ Attention?

Most web designers and developers prefer creating websites from scratch.

They enjoy the very process even if it takes time and effort.

They continuously train their creativity, deciding what logo or graphic item will be appropriate in one or another place.

Yes, this process is exciting. However, it’s time-consuming.

Sometimes you can’t afford to spend months making just one website.

And what should you do if you have to build many websites for your clients at the same time?

Here is the situation when web design resources come to the rescue.

Web design resources contain not only pre-made templates and plugins.

However, they can also be rather useful in some cases. It’s possible to find different fonts, icons, infographic elements, etc.

There are web design freebies and premium resources that offer extra features.

Why Should Developers Pay Their Attention to Web Design Resources?

● They include a variety of ready-made items that you may use for your projects. You will save your time and effort, especially if you have to meet tight deadlines.

● There is an opportunity to create prototypes of the websites before writing the code. When you get feedback from your clients or colleagues, you may review everything and make the necessary changes at once. As a result, you won’t have to rewrite the code several times.

● Some resources offer additional services, such as SEO optimisation or logo creation.

● You will have access to video tutorials with website design tips. It’s somewhat helpful when you have some issues to solve or want to learn new tools.

● You have a chance to collaborate with your colleagues and work on the projects together. There is an individual dashboard to share the plans you need help with.

Thus, web design resources offer various benefits to developers.

Let’s review some of them and find out more details.

Premium Web Design Resources

Let’s start with premium web design resources that may ease your work.

The prices you have to pay for their use are different, as well as the number of options provided.

Having purchased one or another membership, you will unlock additional features of the resources.

It can be either some unique photoshop website templates or tutorials to some website design tips.

The pricing plans may also include an opportunity to upload your assets to library website design.

Every resource has its requirements and services available. We will have a look at some of them to see how they can help you design and build websites.

Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a drag-and-drop design tool that allows creating any visual content.

It contains an extensive library of icons, vectors, stock images, and other items. Using it, you may design logos, banners, business cards for any business.

As for pricing, you can try it free for 30 days. If you want to continue using Canva Pro, you have to pay $12,95 per team member per month.

If you pay for the whole year at once, you will save 23%. Thus, the price will be $9,95 per team member per month.

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Canva Pro is a useful tool for anyone who deals with graphics and design.

The main advantages are the following:

● an enormous collection of graphic items is at your disposal;

● its user-interface is well-structured and easy to use;

● there is an opportunity to create a team to collaborate with other designers.


Webflow is a responsive web design toolkit for building websites. Using it, you will get instruments to design, create, launch and manage any client website.

Webflow targets mainly experienced developers and designers. It offers advanced features and tools.

You should have the relevant experience to work with them.

As for pricing, you may start creating a website for free. Then it’s possible to opt for Site or Account plans.

Web developers and designers will benefit more from the Account plans. They include Individual and Team plans.

The Individual Lite costs $16 per month if you pay annually and $24 if you pay every month. Individual Pro will cost you $35 and $42 correspondingly.

The main advantages of the tool are:

● an opportunity to build prototypes in Webflow to facilitate the work of designers and developers;

● various tutorials with website design tips;

● a chance to create impressive animations and interactions.

Novi Visual HTML Editor

Novi is a user-friendly visual HTML editor that allows monitoring the changes while coding. It’s possible to work with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML languages.

There are three pricing plans. The Startup plan costs $29 a year. For the Advanced plan, you have to pay $49 a year.

There is also the Developer plan joining which you will pay $149 once. The leading offers are almost the same. The only difference is the number of templates you have access to.

Novi Visual HTML Builder is a capable assistant for experienced coders. Thus, the best option for this category of users is the Developer pricing plan.

What Can You Do With Novi Visual HTML Builder?

● Build impressive landing pages to generate leads;

● make fully-functional multi-page websites;

● sell your templates powered by Novi Builder;

● create smart designs for your projects.

The ONE Membership

The ONE subscription service is the ultimate kit for web development. It provides you with all the required products for your projects.

You will take advantage of various templates and plugins. Moreover, web designers will find PSD website templates, infographic elements, product mockups, etc.

There are two pricing plans. The first one provides you with Yearly Access to the Membership. You have to pay $19 every month or $229 a year. If you choose the second one, you will have Lifetime Access.

The usual price is $849. Now there is a discount, so you have to pay only $590.

The ONE Membership is a good option for web developers, illustrators, and graphic designers.

The main benefits of the subscription are the following:

● the number of items offered within the subscription;

● additional services to ease your work;

● unlimited yearly license;

● the library website design that is easy to navigate.

PSD Website Templates

This is a collection of photoshop website templates that will improve the design of the projects you work on.

The PSD website templates consist of only the graphic design source files. Thus, you may take any raw source file and make any changes to meet your requirements.

The price of any template is $11. Anyone who has to deal with website design will benefit from using these templates.

The main features are the following:

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● unsurpassed designs;

● unique typography to make the design even more impressive;

● an opportunity to choose the one that fits a particular project.

Visme Design Tool

Visme is an online design tool that lets you create fascinating infographics and other visual content right in your browser.

Individuals, professional designers, and even companies can take advantage of this tool.

Visme offers pricing plans for three categories of users: Individual, Business, and Education.

Their Basic Individual plan is free of charge. It’s like a test-drive. The best options for professional developers are the following:

● Complete Individual that costs $25 a month;

● Business Single for $25 a month;

● Business Team with a price of $75 a month.

Here are the main advantages of Visme:

● you have a variety of items to work with;

● it’s possible to add your own audio, video files, charts, etc.;

● there is an opportunity to create animated and interactive infographics for the projects;

● it’s possible to work on the project alone or in teams.

Free Web Design Resources

The next point under consideration is free web design resources.

What Are the Benefits of Free Web Design Tools?

Although you don’t have to pay for them, they aren’t less useful than the premium ones.

You may find a variety of graphic resources, as well as free web design templates for your projects.

Moreover, it’s an opportunity to test their functionality to decide whether you need them for the next project or not.

In any case, these resources will save you time while creating either the whole website or, for instance, contact form layout.

Let’s consider some of them in more detail.


Freepik offers graphic resources for anyone who needs them for different types of projects.

You will find free vectors, PSD files, stock photos, and icons that will help you make your website more functional and attractive. It’s software for creating various kinds of infographics.

Web designers and developers will find interesting items for their projects.

Moreover, there is an opportunity to receive a pack of exclusive premium resources free of charge.

All you have to do is to subscribe to their newsletter.

The resource is free but offers good stuff.

The main benefits are the following:

● it encourages you to produce various content;

● the quality of vector and PSD illustrations deserve your attention;

● it’s possible to use the items both for your personal and commercial projects.

Free Web Templates

Free web templates are an excellent option to start acquaintance with the items provided by this company.

They offer free web design templates for different platforms and types of business.

For instance, you may take advantage of corporate designs or eCommerce templates. They take into account the latest design trends and implement them in their products.

The templates are free. Both beginners and experienced web designers will find something for themselves.

The main advantages:

● it’s easy to set up and customise the templates;

● they are responsive and cross-browser compatible;

● you will appreciate modern designs and functionality of the models;

● they come with detailed documentation.

Crocoblock Developer’s Free Toolkit

This Developer’s free toolkit belongs to the group of web design freebies. It offers you free tools for creating custom queries and contact forms.

The toolkit consists of Contact Form 7 Layout Builder and WP Query Generator.

The mentioned toolkit is free. It will be a good assistant for those who work on creating contact forms and custom queries.

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Using the first tool, you will be able to create a markup for the contact form layout. You will achieve this by dragging and dropping fields that are rather convenient.

Moreover, the contact form will be fully responsive.

WP Query Generator lets you create customs posts QUERY with complex relation.

Free Elementor PRO Templates

Free Elementor PRO templates from Crocoblock are a collection of templates you may use for different purposes. Here you may find samples of home pages, landing pages, and other pages.

For instance, there are templates for Maintenance page, several variants of Pricing page, etc.

The templates are free. Any web designer or developer may use them either separately or with any Crocoblock set.

As for their main features, the templates are:

● Responsive. There are even separate websites for mobile devices.

● Designed for various types of business. It refers mainly to landing pages where you may find samples for café, car repair service, etc.


Draftium is a prototyping tool that allows creating a mockup of a future website.

Moreover, it allows you to share it with clients or colleagues to get feedback.

The resource targets developers, studios and marketers who may use it free of charge.

The main advantages are the following:

● it’s possible to build interactive prototypes fast, applying various types of content;

● the tool has a simple and intuitive UI;

● there is a template editor to customise the prototype;

● it’s possible to make changes in real-time and receive feedback at once;

● you may use any device to test the result of your work.

Paaatterns from Lstore Graphics

If you are looking for fascinating patterns for different vector formats, Paaatterns is precisely what you need.

You may download various patterns for Sketch, Figma, XD, and Illustrator. The files include colour layer styles, vector shapes, symbols, and components.

You don’t have to pay to download the patterns that will become an excellent aid to busy designers.

The main features and benefits are the following:

● you will work with files in PNG and SVG formats;

● it’s easy to edit and customise the patterns;

● you get patterns of different styles, colours, and emotions;

● it’s possible to use the designs for personal and commercial projects.

55+ Elements UI Kit

55+Elements UI Kit contains a variety of elements that you may add to website pages. For instance, this can be statistics, any widget or slider, etc.

The resource is free and is aimed at those who want to learn design and programming.

These are the key features of the UI kit:

● you may use the elements for various purposes;

● the components have a clean and minimalist design;

● it’s possible to preview how one or another aspect will look on the website;

● the elements come in PSD format;

● change to Wireframe makes the items look more realistic.


As you can see, there are a variety of web design resources that can facilitate the work of designers and developers.

Some resources are free; some of them offer pricing plans that open additional opportunities.

Free web design tools can be somewhat helpful in creating both the websites and separate sections, like contact forms or projects listing.

Using premium resources, you may add your own content or cooperate with other developers and work in teams.

Do you know any other useful web design resources for web designers?

Feel free to comment and leave your suggestions for us to expand the given list.

Originally published at on November 18, 2019.

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