Basic Design Principles for a Web or Graphic Designer

In the post below, we prepared basic design principles for web or graphic designer and developer, which can help create high-quality design products.

Demands First

When we say “demands” we do not mean the needs of a government or a company.

We mean the wants and needs of users of some particular service or product.

The process of design has to consider the problems and tasks of the target users.

Web or graphic designers should also consider the fact that some users cannot determine what they exactly need — that is why they require a developer.

A design team has to understand only essential things because users come to specific websites for solving particular problems.

Build Your Design on Data

Generally, the services that are available on the Web do not appear out of anywhere — people somehow use them before they transfer online.

This allows developers to study user behaviour in the real world.

Due to this behaviour, you need to develop your prototypes, which you later offer to users.

The system should adapt to people’s behaviour and respond to it, not force users to change their habits.

To understand what solutions work best, use A/B testing.

Designers and developers are not omnipotent.

They cannot solve all the issues raised by its users.

Therefore, if a particular problem can be solved by another company, then there is nothing wrong to give people a link to the desired service.

This same principle of responsible development is based on methods of API, which allows third-party developers to create products and services that can solve people’s problems — without extra effort on the part of the basic design of the project.

This approach saves resources and directs them to essential tasks.

Do not Think That it’s Easy to Do Something Simple

It is easy to make the product look simple, but to simplify its real use, it’s a more difficult task.

Especially if an internal system that is located under the visible part of the interface is very complicated.

We believe that developers should try by all means to simplify the use of its products — a manifestation of responsibility and respect for people who sometimes have to work with a service or program due to a lack of alternatives.

Systematic Process

The best way to build an efficient service is through incremental improvement.

It should be started with a working product, then should be tested on real people.

Your product should pass the stage of alpha and beta testing.

Don’t forget to add new features and correct errors which inform users.

Iterative development reduces risk and lowers the likelihood of critical mistakes.

Small problems that can occur will not stop the project and will be a good lesson for the future.

This is the significant advantage of the digital world — we do not build bridges and mistakes can be corrected quickly.

Contextual Understanding

Design is not created for robots, but people.

This means that the contextual usage of the product or service is critical.

If the user is in the library or talks by phone, it will affect his/her interaction with the interface.

Similarly, if a person has never used the Internet or worked with similar products, it affects the work with your product.

To create new products or services that solve the problem of the target audience, it is necessary that developers have a clear understanding of the potential of the audience and the context of the products.

Otherwise, there is the risk of creating a beautiful interface that does not correspond to real life demands.

As you see, there are many cool tricks to make your project look and work perfectly.

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Originally published at on May 13, 2019.

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