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7 min readNov 25, 2019

Brand Identity in the Cannabis Industry. What Should You Know?

The past few years have been deciding for the world of the cannabis industry, mostly because of all of the changed regulations about cannabis in many countries.

Some of them legalised cannabis completely, while others softened the regulations when it comes to cannabis usage.

With these new regulations, the industry started to boom, and we can often come in touch with marketing about cannabis products.

In 2018, the cannabis industry was one of the most talked-about sectors in the world, with Canada being somewhere in the middle of the conversation.

The marijuana industry is still in its infant phase, meaning that we will see more and more of it in the future years.

However, for now, the changes that are happening are groundbreaking for the market.

So far, seven states across the U.S have allowed using marijuana for recreational purposes, while 22 states allowed using medical marijuana.

Even though on the federal level, cannabis is still illegal, many companies are looking to get into business in this area.

So, if you are interested in how to brand your cannabis products whether they are oils, pills, natural detox, or else, you need to know some things to be successful in this industry blooming on its infancy level.

1 — Establish Brand Value and Protect it

If you are going to start building a brand, you might as well do it the proper way.

Brands are of extreme importance; they can be the most valuable asset in your company, and you need to keep that in mind.

Prioritising cannabis branding might be the difference between failure and success.

Some of the biggest and most valuable brands nowadays were nothing 20 years ago.

Some didn’t even exist at that point like Google. But today, Google’s worth is more than $156 billion.

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