Digital Marketing In 2021: What Will Change & Stay Same?

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9 min readDec 23, 2020

In the competitive landscape of the digital marketing world, it gets relatively easy to fall behind.

Even if you are on your toes and reading about all the latest technology updates, you still might get overrun by your competitors.

But not all is lost. Sometimes even the best-equipped companies fail to have the best idea, and then you can grab your moment and show why your company is unique.

The important thing is to know all the possible ways you can use to grab viewers’ attention.

It certainly helps to hire a group of creative people who know how to use those technological innovations to your advantage.

After all, if we learned anything in 2020, it is the fact that we need to be innovative and flexible in our approach.

Personalisation, automatisation, AI, and chatbots are a few things that are still here for digital marketing in 2021.

But they all have slight changes, and this article will address those changes and show you the best practices for digital marketing in 2021 in each digital marketing realm.

How will SEO change in 2021?

Search engine optimisation is continuously changing due to changes in algorithms and development of technology in general.

But there are focal points on which we should pay attention in 2021.

The focus remained on mobile optimisation, voice search, and AI implementation in the past few years.

Many SEO experts were able to detect the importance of longer content that is useful for readers in the previous year.

Ron Lieback, Founder at ContentMender, explained for Search Engine Journal that he noticed that articles with 2000 words are outperforming shorter.

Write People-Optimised Content

Another exciting trend is Google Passage Ranking, which allows Google to focus on particular content on your page, answering a different query.

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