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  • Bernard Paguirigan

    Bernard Paguirigan

    SEO Copywriter/Email Copywriter. I help entrepreneurs increase their profit through SEO and Email Copywriting.

  • Somesh Kesarla Suresh

    Somesh Kesarla Suresh

    Product Designer who loves Problem-solving 🧩 Catch-up my Design articles on and connect with me on

  • Areej Alnahdi

    Areej Alnahdi

    Art Director & artist- In love the design of logos مؤسس في @Azyan_org

  • Mafia Hairdresser

    Mafia Hairdresser

    Jon-David~Hairdresser Salon Owner ~ Author~Social Media Consulting ~ Host of @SalonSpaChat~Speaker~Manuals~Ghost Writer~Trainer



    SYNTAX is a design company. We are critical optimists. We create engaging experiences. We start positive transformations. We’re here to connect. Everything.

  • Brandon Runkel

    Brandon Runkel

    JavaScript Engineer with a passion for technology and collaboration, looking to change the world, one object at a time

  • Arek Dvornechuck

    Arek Dvornechuck

    Branding Expert

  • Alankrit Utkarsh

    Alankrit Utkarsh

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