Graphic Design Software Options for Students in 2018 & 2019

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Graphic Design Software Options for Students

The most advanced graphics editors, such as those included in Adobe Creative Suite, cost a lot of money, which might be a problem for a college student.

However, there are free and quite worthy alternatives, the possibilities of which will cater to the needs of most graphic design students.

In today’s post, we have selected the best graphic design software options.

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Free vector editors

Designed for creating and editing logos, interfaces, and other scalable graphics.

1. Gravit Designer

Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Linux.

Gravit Designer — formerly known as Gravit — is a full-featured vector editor.

It is suitable for any design-related assignments ranging from interface and icon design to working with presentations, illustrations and animations.

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Interestingly, a neat and intuitive Gravit Designer interface can be customised too.

Also, the editor contains many tools for creating beautifully detailed vector images.

Among them are non-destructive (their action can be undone) functions for working with Boolean operations, the “graph paths” tool plus many filling and blending modes, as well as a powerful text engine.

If you need to work on the go, a cloud service called Gravit Cloud will let you continue working on your project from any device.

2. Vectr

Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Linux.

Vectr offers all the functions you need to create vector graphics, adding many options for using filters, shadows, and fonts.



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