Healthcare Branding Tips — a Logo Design Guide for the Medical Industry

Strong brand recognition within healthcare branding has a positive impact on business performance.

Three mistakes to avoid in medical logo design and healthcare branding.

As an expert, you are expected to deliver a perfect design.

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1 — Using downloaded content or clipart

It is unprofessional for a graphic designer to use downloaded content or stock art to create a medical logo design.

2 — Complex design

You do not need to prove how creative you are by creating a logo that is too complex.

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3 — Generic symbols hurt

We talked about not making logo design complex earlier.

Characteristics of logos that stand the test of time in the healthcare sector

There are specific characteristics a logo must have to stand out in healthcare branding.

1 — Elegant

A healthcare logo design should be sophisticated.

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2 — Conceptual

There is a message behind every logo design.

3 — Versatile

Being versatile does not mean your logo should be complicated or represent more than one thing.

4 — Distinctive

The healthcare sector is growing every day, and thousands of companies spring up.

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Tips and Guidelines to follow when creating your healthcare branding.

Every company needs exposure and brand recognition.

1 — Choosing the colour for a medical logo design

Colour is the bedrock of any design project.

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Choice of colour is critical.

2 — Choosing a symbol for a healthcare logo design.

A logo is considered the face of a business.

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Tips on how to choose a symbol for a medical logo

The company you are designing the logo for can request you use a symbol which you must deliver.

3 — Choosing fonts for your medical logo

A font is an essential component of your medical logo.

Things to consider when choosing fonts

Before deciding on a font for your client, the following should be considered.

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The medical industry is highly competitive and delicate.

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