History Of The FedEx Logo Design — Meaning & Evolution

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7 min readJan 14, 2020

History Of the FedEx Logo Design — Meaning & Evolution

Established under the chairmanship of Frederick W. Smith, back in 1971, FedEx has now become the industry leader globally for its unmatched transformation and delivery services.

With a network stretching over to 220 countries, the company handles more than 90% of the world’s gross domestic products, delivering them within one to three business days.

FedEx has created unparalleled standards of quality and professionalism. With unmatched transportation facilities to having cutting-edge technological resources, the company manages a steady clientele.

Moreover, with a devotion to delivering safe, reliable and hassle-free services to customers, FedEx has skyrocketed its revenue generation.

In the year 2018, FedEx had generated US$65.450 billion.

However, the company withholds its core values and principles and keeps everything transparent.

With a promise to make every FedEx experience outstanding, FedEx has infused shades of its devotion in its marketing campaigns and branding assets as well.

From their emotionally triggering promotional ads created by leading experts and many Video Animation Inc to thought-provoking logo designs that are engulfed into meaningful concepts, the branding campaigns speak about their superior quality assurance.

So, let’s step into the journey of the FedEx logo design and see how the company transformed itself over time.

FedEx Logo Design’s Timeline (1971- To Date)

Unlike other promising brands, throughout the journey of FedEx, there have been only two logo designs — one that was created in 1971 and the other one in 1994.

Both of the logos had a hidden story and concept that helped gain much online visibility and the viewer’s attention.

However, the FedEx logo that was created in 1994 is still the number one logo design of the company and has managed to…

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