History Of The McDonald’s Logo Design

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8 min readApr 12, 2018

The world’s largest chain of fast-food restaurant, McDonald’s is more famous for its logo than its mouthwatering foods.

Founded by the two brothers, this fast-food brand is among the most valuable brands in the world.

A significant part of the success of McDonald’s is associated with its striking logo design.

Famously known as the Golden Arches, the emblem of McDonald’s has a fabulous story that should inspire every graphic designer.

The journey of McDonald’s logo begins with the rapid growth of its business.

However, before we discuss the visual aspects of the logo, we want to take you back in time to let you know that how McDonald’s evolved into the most prominent fast-food brand and how it changed the lifestyle of people around the world.

The Birth Of McDonald’s: A Brief History

The inspiring story of this world’s most well-known fast-food brand started in 1937 when Patrick McDonald opened a drive-in restaurant that he named “The Airdome” which was located at Route 66 in Monrovia.

In 1940, the Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald, the two sons of Patrick McDonald, relocated the restaurant to San Bernardino and renamed it “McDonald’s”.

The immense success of the restaurant brand compelled the two brothers to remodel their business.

The first thing they did was change the architect of the restaurant.

They hired Stanley Clark Meston to design the architecture of the building.

This was when the Golden Arches were created which later became the imagery of the famous McDonald’s logo.

However, the rapid expansion of the McDonald’s business came when Ray Kroc joined the company.

A salesperson by profession, Ray Kroc became the franchise manager of McDonald’s in 1955.

He spread the business in every corner of the country.

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