History of the Pepsi Logo Design

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8 min readDec 27, 2017


It is funny, but when we think of established brands, we also believe their logos were just as established.

The thing is, that is not necessarily the case.

Many companies go through a lot of different logos as they fight for recognition.

Sometimes they do so to redefine themselves with a rebrand.

Sometimes they do so because they change their names.

Sometimes it is because they want to change people’s perspectives.

And sometimes they do so because the times are a changing and their current logo design looks dated.

Pepsi has been around for a long time — more than a hundred and thirty years, in fact.

Moreover, in that time they have gone through repeated changes to their company logo design until finally settling on the current one we all know about fifty years.

So what other ones did they try during those early years?

Brad’s drink

Pepsi was not called ‘Pepsi’ in the beginning.

Instead, it was referred to as ‘Brad’s drink’.

It was named after the inventor of the drink, whose name was Caleb Bradham, who made it back in 1893.

That name did not stick around too long, however, as it was renamed ‘Pepsi’ a few years later in 1898.

Interestingly, that name was not trademarked for another five years.

When they had settled on that name, the evolution of the Coca-Cola logo began.

Initially, they went through some swirly script logos that bear an uncanny resemblance to the Coca-Cola logo which we know today.

That was not because they were necessarily trying to copy the more successful brand.

Instead, at the time almost every company wrote out their logo in a logotype.

That was just how things were done at the time.

The script they used was a long swirly script, with the writing varying across the…



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