How Can Cross-Cultural Design Impact User Experience?

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8 min readNov 26, 2019

How Can Cross-Cultural Design Impact User Experience?

It is not uncommon to see major online business brands having their websites designed with local attributes.

It all started way back in 1999 when the then leading auction site eBay, to have a market presence in Japan, built an entirely new website in the Japanese language.

But in spite of this effort to become local in a foreign market, eBay was unsuccessful in rolling over the competition just because it lacked in understanding and knowledge of Japanese culture and the way things work in that market.

When you don’t understand the cultural differences for a different market in comparison to your home, your website or online store may need to pull back.

So, cultural influences matter for excellent website design targeting multiple several geographic locations and their people.

The app developers and web designers equally should give importance to these local and culture-specific differences.

When a website or app design consciously addresses these cross-cultural differences, we call it cross-cultural design.

In What Ways Does Cross-Cultural Design Impact Decisions?

All over the world, the behavioural patterns and interests of people largely depend on the culture they have born and brought up with.

This is why, for design decisions, cultural attributes matter a lot.

Here we are going to explain the key ways culture impacts design decisions.

Power Distance in Design

In certain societies where the common man enjoys proximity with the power of their time, the app and website design will push users less and will look less commercial.



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