How much does a Logo Design cost?

Whether you are a designer yourself or a business owner looking for a designer, logo design projects can be tricky.

In essence, logos and logotypes are very minimalistic but powerful symbols of corporate entities, products or services.

They can look unimportant and straightforward to the untrained eye, but the truth is that these small graphics carry much more meaning.

Customers are usually attracted to specific products because of their branding (take Coca-Cola for instance).

If that company’s logo were not present on the label, the customer would most certainly keep walking past the aisle.

With that in mind, we have to ask the most critical question of all when it comes to design work.

How much does a logo design cost, and how can we make the client see the value we offer even though the logo we come up with might seem simplistic at first glance?

We have mentioned before that logos carry more weight than they are attributed, both by clients and customers.

The question of designing a good logo is a psychological one.

Finding the perfect blend of shapes, colours and typography that the target audience will resonate with takes time and effort.

Designers often spend years in art schools and technical colleges perfecting their sight and logic to accommodate these needs.

Logos are far more than just a symbol on a business card, often finding their way into some other corporate materials:

  • Branding the logistical vehicles, offices and other equipment with a logo symbolises ownership.
  • Putting your logo on corporate documents such as memorandums, envelopes and notebooks symbolise professionalism in the niche.
  • Logo design also finds its way onto corporate websites, which are usually the first line of defence when new partners or clients come knocking.
  • Logos are also predominant on packaging labels and any form of retail sales that the company may be conducting.

With such a significant role to play in every facet of a business, why are logos still undermined as unimportant and a necessary evil by many companies?

The reason for this is twofold, and besides the need to sit down and think about something “artsy”, CEOs or managers also have to put up with “working with designers”.

There is still a stigma surrounding designers and their perception as “people who just draw stuff”.

Drawing and logo design has nothing to do with each other apart from early sketching, and this is where the matter of client servicing comes into question.

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famous logo design prices

The chances are that you had the pleasure of working on a logo design without even realising it.

Logos often carry symbolic references to company history, mission and vision and even a blend of colours that are later used in corporate correspondences.

This is the first thing that we need to consider once the matter of pricing a logo design cost comes into play.

A typical logo design consists of a positive, a negative and an outline of the desired design, delivered to the clients’ doorsteps.

In most freelance or individual cases, this is where the story ends, and the designer gets paid whatever the client feels like paying.

However, stepping up your game and offering further servicing options to the client can raise your price significantly, no matter what you are charging now for the logo design cost alone.

Servicing also entails that you might be interested in working with the client further, whether on implementing the logo design on corporate materials (which we will talk about later) or redesigning the logo down the line.

All of these options should have their additional prices attached to them since most business owners do not understand the way the design process works.

Just because you designed a logo does not mean you are bound by moral laws to keep working on it for the same price you were paid previously.

Now that we have covered some of the basics of logo design pricing let’s talk about how to choose between a cheap and expensive design.

Admit it, you thought of going for the “cheap” option as soon as you saw it.

While you may have more freedom with choosing research paper services for copywriting, logo design is a bit different.

We are programmed to spend as less money as possible in our daily routines, especially when it comes to “trivial” things such as logo design or writing.

Cheap logo designers are plentiful and usually consist of art students, beginner freelancers or people from countries with lower income.

These people are capable of designing good artwork that you might be proud to own.

However, don’t expect any extra servicing options or additional support from these designers because they just don’t know how to do that yet or realise that you are getting “the bang for your buck”.

Paying a fraction of what sizeable corporate design projects would cost won’t get you any extra benefits no matter how far you look for cheap designers.

cheap logo design cost
cheap logo design cost

Expensive designers and agencies, on the other hand, are established professionals and creatives that have rich portfolios that can back them up and help them raise their price.

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Companies and clients that want a guarantee of successful delivery should always look for these professionals, however much more expensive they might be.

Professional designers with some mileage behind them are also very familiar with the concept of visual brand building and services, meaning that they are better equipped to deal with the additional design tasks that will pop up eventually.

Given everything we have covered so far is based on established knowledge about logo design and designers, how much does a logo design cost in practice?

Let’s separate the price points based on how complex and demanding the tasks are, as well as how much additional work there needs to be done once the logo is finished.

The zero in the title should not come as a surprise given everything we have talked about so far.

Many young and inexperienced designers will happily design logos for free, or “pro bono”, without any payment requests whatsoever.

You should, however, keep in mind that the quality of the product you receive will most likely reflect that price-point.

Every designer has to start somewhere, and letting someone ambitious play around with your branding might not be as bad as you think.

If you need something more complex and are in need of further visual branding, it might be a good idea to look for more established designers.

This price range also encompasses so-called “simple” logos or logotypes that are primarily made up of common fonts and letters.

There is very minimal artwork involved, and most companies rely on this type of branding for its simplicity and professionalism.

If we were to step up from basic designs, we would come across more expensive and challenging projects.

We can place some common branding projects into this category.

This means that logo designs that come with the complimentary business card and memorandum designs can be placed in a semi-expensive group of projects.

Illustrative and complex logos that require custom artwork can be placed here as well, given the nature of the project and its requirement for long hours spent at a drawing tablet.

These projects also include giving the client freedom of choice when it comes to a logo variant they would like to use, ensuring that they are satisfied with the care they receive.

This is why designers usually build up a backlog of logo designs that they can sell individually on freelance platforms with only minor changes to the typography.

This is a great practice that ensures even the “rejected” solutions find their way into use eventually.

Companies that want to go into international markets or directly set up a long-term plan for their development usually go for “all-in” design projects.

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This means that the designer or branding agency in question will have to do everything from the initial logo design cost, all the way through to stickers and office nametags.

All of these following materials stem from the shapes and colours set up in the logo, not to mention the importance of choosing the right typography that will reflect the company in the best form.

Given the nature of these projects, companies usually turn to design agencies with full-time employees, art directors and design managers for their needs.

Design agencies can charge upwards of £10,000 for these projects, sometimes much more.

It all depends on how much additional servicing there is after the logo is designed.

Companies are prone to contracting agencies and designers long-term so that they are safe when an additional design is concerned.

cost logo design prices

It is important to weigh your needs against the budget you have available carefully.

If you are a small business owner in need of simple logo design and a couple of extra office materials that need designing, you should opt for a freelancer.

Design agencies offer guaranteed quality and safety, but they are mostly out of the price range that many individuals are comfortable with paying for these projects.

Companies that want to expand and have substantial revenues should always turn to agencies because they can afford it for logo design or something else entirely.

As for designers, you should take your financial and family situation into consideration whenever you think if you should freelance or work for an agency.

Agencies offer fixed monthly payments as well as social and health security — something you will rarely find by yourself if you are a freelancer.

So how much does a Logo Design cost?

If we go back to our initial question and the price of a logo design, you can see that the answer is not as straightforward as one might think.

There are many factors to consider, including your country’s standards, your client’s financial capabilities and your skills.

Weigh the pros and cons of each design project carefully before committing to something you cannot deliver or are being paid less to do.

In the end, the experience you accumulate will help you gauge the logo design cost or prices of your work more efficiently, our suggestions and trends notwithstanding.

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