How to Design the Best Business Cards: Tips & Advice

Although we often try to downplay the importance of first impressions to relieve some of the pressure of new situations and new encounters, no one can deny that first impressions count.

Addressing the Business Card Problem

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6 Tips for Designing the Best Business Cards

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1 — Make it Convenient

Unless you have chosen a ‘design’ business card, which needs to be highly unique to be genuinely effective, one of your first considerations should be convenience.

2 — Be Selective

Regardless of the shape of the business card, you are going for, one thing remains the same: business cards are pretty small.

3 — Consider Layout

We all know the importance of a good layout when it comes to websites, but many businesses overlook this when designing their business cards.

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4 — Include Visuals

While the ‘business’ business card style is renowned for its minimal, no-frills design, many organisations do choose to include some form of visual aspect on their business cards, although this visual does not need to be a primary element.

5 — Add a Call to Action

A ‘call to action’ is a conventional technique used in content marketing.

6 — Make it Memorable

In point 4, we briefly touched upon the idea of adding your photograph to your business card.

Think Continuity

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Inkbot Design a Creative Graphic Design Agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Experts in Logo Design and Branding.

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