How To Do Startup Branding For Gaining Competitive Edge

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9 min readOct 29, 2019

How to Do Startup Branding for Gaining Competitive Edge

Branding is an essential part of your identity. Think of your brand as your startup’s face for the world to see.

Whether people see your startup as energetic and approachable or professional and trustworthy would depend entirely on how you choose to brand yourself.

Branding plays a crucial role in identifying if a customer would be willing to conduct business with you.

If you’re a startup, it’s highly likely that you little or no idea on how to brand your business. But fear not. Brands are everywhere around you.

If they have made a memorable impression on you, your brand has the potential to be significant for your audience.

Following are seven ways how your startup can brand itself to gain a competitive edge over your competitors:

1 — Know your target audience.

Before starting any business, you’ll need to know what you’re selling and to whom you are selling.

So many startups fail because they don’t know who their audience.

These businesses tried to sell to everyone and ended up selling their product to no one and eventually went out of business.

The best way to find out whether your target audience would like your product or not is to conduct a survey.

With the help of your inquiry, you’d be able to decide if your offering is viable not.

Another way to get into the minds of your audience is to conduct focus groups.

Focus groups allow you to interact with a tiny sample of your target audience.

Their live feedback will give you a far more precise understanding of their needs and what kind of brand image they would accept whole-heartedly.

2 — Build multiple buyer personas

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