How to Get A Job as A Graphic Designer

If you love changing the appearance of photos, creating new colours or inventing new logos, a career in the design industry is for you.

1 — Discover the Hidden Job Market

What is the hidden job market?

  • Meet with previous colleagues once a month for lunch
  • Send your resume to a company even if there is no job posting
  • Build an alliance with human resources professionals
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2 — Write an Award-Winning Resume

A graphic designer typically adds technical skills on a resume which is expected from human resources.

  • Excelled in rebranding company logos with the help of executive members of the C-suite.

3 — Start Freelancing

If you are a new professional in the graphic design industry, freelancing is an option to gain work experience.

  • Work as an independent contractor at first and request in the contract if your work can be reviewed at the end of the contract for future employment.
  • Apply for work from home opportunities where you are an employee that works remotely.
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4 — Share Your Work Online

Are you a LinkedIn user?

  • Instagram and Twitter can assist with building a following
  • Join a graphic design forum
  • Create a freelance website profile

5 — Participate in an Internship

A chance to help the community using your talent is another way to get started.

  • Join a membership and help with marketing campaigns
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Help local businesses at no cost to gain experience

6 — Formal Education

A company can hire a graphic designer with minimal education.

7 — Know What You Want

Think about your strengths, weaknesses, and personality.

  • What is my niche? A niche is an industry that can include retail, food, medical, technology or fashion.
  • Do I want to be a generalist or an expert? A generalist can work on any graphic design job whether it is an advertisement for a restaurant or a logo for a technology firm. You will earn a higher income if you work to become an expert.
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8 — Continuous Improvement

Career growth involves a lifetime of education to learn the fundamentals of innovative design.

  • Improving visual design weaknesses
  • Writing a career plan
  • Reading blogs/ articles of best practices from experts

9 — Find a Mentor

The only way to enhance your quality of work is to find a mentor at work or in the graphic design industry.

10 — Communication Skills

A successful graphic designer asks questions when confused about an assignment.

  • Match your communication style to the person you speak to

What can you do next?

Before you start writing a graphic designer resume, remember to ask yourself what you want.

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Inkbot Design a Creative Graphic Design Agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Experts in Logo Design and Branding.

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