How to Name a Company? 10 Tips for Branding Names

It is not easy to come up with proper business names.

1 — Be clear

Your name should indicate to customers what your business is about.

2 — Be descriptive

Your name should tell people right away what type of business you are in.

brand name amazon
brand name amazon

3 — Be unforgettable

People have trouble remembering branding names.

4 — Keep it short

Your brand name should get right to the point.

Brand naming IBM
Brand naming IBM

5 — Keep it simple

Your name should be spelt correctly.

company name hipmunk
company name hipmunk

6 — Keep it relevant

Your name choice should be relatively modern if you want to attract a new, young crowd.

7 — Be creative

Your name has to be unlike anything else that is out there.

8 — Make it interesting

You want your business names to mean something to your target audience.

tips for company naming
tips for company naming

9 — It should have lasting appeal

In an ideal situation, your brand identity will live on long after you are gone.

name your business tips
name your business tips

10 — Enlist in Google AdWords for help

When you log on to Google AdWords, you can access its keyword finder.

BONUS — When you have a business name, secure the domain.

After you have done your homework and come up with a proper business name, hold off on congratulating yourself!

Final Thoughts

Once you have your brand name, don’t change it.

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Inkbot Design a Creative Graphic Design Agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Experts in Logo Design and Branding.

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