Local Marketing: Advertising Your Brand Locally In 2021

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9 min readJan 22, 2021

Local marketing is an advertising strategy that uses marketing tactics that target a consumer in the business’s surrounding area.

It is often used to complement other online marketing forms such as search engine optimisation (SEO), banner advertising, and email marketing campaigns.

The most common example of this strategy is in shopping.

An individual walking into a store receives one or more promotional offers from the sales team on their way to the check-out counter.

This “pulling” of customers occurs within the store and gives a marketer’s sufficient opportunity to build brand recognition and reputation.

A successful marketing strategy will be anchored around the product, but it should also target a consumer’s values and attitude toward a particular company or product.

In essence, it is the company’s word in the local community that it is offering the best service or product.

A store located in a high-end mall may use a local marketing strategy that includes putting billboards on the street near the store to advertise a particular designer’s collection.

This campaign is likely to generate plenty of local foot traffic to the stores, which is beneficial because traffic is the backbone of any marketing campaign.

However, some recognise the inherent dangers of using physical locations for marketing campaigns; therefore, they opt to use various online resources to increase exposure and credibility.

The consumer in the vicinity of the businesses’ physical location is more likely to convert into a buyer than customers who are not located nearby.

For this reason, the physical locations of many businesses are being converted into virtual services through the use of web design and social media.

Not only does this provide businesses with a more extensive customer base, but it also allows them to target a broader ‘local’ audience.



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