Massimo Vignelli — Biography of the Famous Graphic Designer

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Who was Massimo Vignelli?

Massimo Vignelli was an important and famous Italian graphic and industrial designer of the 20th century.

He worked in several important works of design, furniture design, design of showrooms and layout of warehouses.

He created his own firm, Vignelli Associates, along with his wife.

He based his work on modernism and simplicity, which is manifested through his taste for the use of geometric design.

Vignelli was given awards and honorary doctorates.

He was born on January 10, 1931, in Milan.

He attended a school in Brera, before obtaining his architecture degree at the University of Milan.

During the years 1953 and 1957, he also attended the School of Architecture at the University of Venice.

At the beginning of his professional career, his area of ​​specialisation will be graphic design for the creation of products and corporate identities.

At the end of the decade of 1950, it obtained a scholarship to study in the United States, concretely in Towle Silversmiths, Massachusetts and the Institute of design of Chicago.

In 1957 he married Lella Vignelli, whom he met when he taught architecture classes.

A few years later, and together, they established their own architecture studio, which specialised in designing household products, office accessories and logos.

In 1965 the couple moved to Chicago, where they founded Unimar International, which focused explicitly on graphic design for large companies.

The innovative ideas of the Vignellis went viral in the United States.

They created balanced, attractive and functional designs.



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