Packaging Design Tips: Making People Look Inside The Box

Packaging design is a vital part of product placement and endorsement, as well as of a Branding process.

If you want your product to be sold well, producing goods of the highest quality is not enough anymore.

You need to intrigue your customers, get them interested in your product and be eager to buy it.

Due to the competition existing on the market, this task becomes three times harder to fulfil.

That is why you do not only compete regarding manufacturing or selling your services.

You also need to do all your best as for presenting these goods on the market.

The most significant help you may get in this case comes from sustainable packaging design.

Therefore, meet eight successful examples of excellent package design, along with some packaging design tips that will make you want to look inside the box.


Those who designed this packaging must be nothing less than real geniuses, and here’s why.

Not only did they create cute, creative enrober papers (which was half-way towards their success), they also made their design personal (which was a total win-win).

The first rule of every great business is its personalisation.

When you want people to buy your product, you need to create a secure connection in their mind between your product and themselves.

Because of this connection that consists of a wide range of bright associations along with things these people love and enjoy, you will gain loyal customers that prefer your product to anything else.

This very connection took place in this chocolate packaging creation.

Funny names of these chocolates appeal to people firmly and successfully.

So, the first of the successful packaging design tips is to “Make it personal!”.


A smart package design for Pizza Hut performed by Reed Collins deserves our admiration.

Pizza that turns into a projector.

It is a brilliant solution for a prosperous advertising campaign.

It makes you want to look inside the box.

Except for having a built-in projector, the box also has an artistic design

Captivating comics gain their second life on such packagings.

The pizza box becomes twice as attractive for curious people, especially if they are a few comic fans or just enjoy beautiful designs.

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Thus, Reed Collins proves another truth in these packaging design tips: “Be as different and creative as you can”.


In the Roman mythology, Aurora was the Goddess of the dawn.

She was the youngest and the most beautiful among the whole Roman Pantheon.

What’s more, one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature, polar lights, is also called Aurora, which emphasises its charm.

Thus, Aurora always stands for something unique, dazzling and elegant.

No wonder that the project launched by designer Ken Lo and called Aurora has managed to achieve such a superb success.

The packaging design looks quite simple at first sight.

No one can be surprised by a black box with sophisticated white lettering and astonishing logo design.

However, the real magic happens when you open the box.

It starts playing with all the colours of the rainbow, reminding you both of the polar lights and the Roman Goddess herself.

Though the initial plan was quite simple, its execution is ingenious.

Which brings us to the third of our packaging design tips: “Reveal the real zest at the end and impress.”


Packaging is a significant part of graphic design, and yet it is somehow different.

To make it even more distinctive, people try out different ways to attract clients’ attention.

The most efficient way is in making the product packaging as smooth as it can be.

Sometimes, the only thing you lack is the correct colour choice.

When in doubt, choose the colour that always wins: black.

Black packaging designs are proven to bring the most substantial profits.

They always look sophisticated and luxurious.

What is more, they do not need lots of graphic design elements to amaze others.

Touche Coffee packaging design proves this theory just right.

It looks great everywhere, starting with a banner or billboard advertisements and finishing with supermarket shelves, where such coffee packaging catches people’s eyes.

That is why the next of the vital packaging design tips would be “Make your design look sophisticated”.

Remember, people love perfection, especially if it comes to marketing.

Wine Packaging Design Tips

Many companies make the competition in your marketing sphere rather severe.

Packaging design is that integral part of the business strategy that can help you to cope with the struggle.

The label design created for the Russian Wine House, called “Friends Forever” is an example of the ways you can overcome your competitors.

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The best thing about this packaging design is that it has an idea that connects all the marketing steps in one single unit.

Just think about it: the name itself (“Friends Forever”).

The tagline placed behind in Russian which can be translated as “Happiness is when you are surrounded by your closest people”.

The pictures of people who are lovers or friends on the label design, and the way it is all combined.

You will want to buy at least one bottle of this magnificent wine to share it with people you love.

You will want to give it to your closest friends because it includes messages like “I love you”, “I care about you”, “I need you”, “Thank you for being in my life”.

You will want to buy this wine the moment you see it.

Which is already a win-win situation for the company owners.

As you see, the next rule would be “Put a great idea behind your packaging design”, and it is critical not to break it.


People start caring about our Mother Nature more than ever.

That is why packaging design that does not harm nature has become more than relevant.

Lots of prominent companies have turned to eco-friendly packaging designs which got reflected in people’s perception.

For example, a world-famous cosmetics brand Yves Rocher has begun to notify people with the help of their packaging design, that it contains much less plastic.

That is why people who care about nature have changed their perception of this brand, as well.

The same happens everywhere.

Eco-friendly packaging designs become more and more popular.

That is why, if you want to show that you do care about people, use eco-friendly packaging design solutions.

You may do it in either ordinary or creative way.

Koronaki chose a more difficult path.

Instead of using just grey eco-friendly packaging, they decided to go with a half-wooden packaging.

No wonder, that with such attitude they managed not only to win more clients but also to increase their profit.

That is why another of our packaging design tips would be “If you can, think of going green”.


Do you know the feeling when your unconscious strains after something on the supermarket shelf?

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You recognise you do not really need it, but you feel the desire to buy it.

There seems nothing you can do about it.

So you satisfy this desire.

This is what a great packaging design can do to people.

That is why it is so important.

That is why it cannot be omitted.

When it comes to the brand called Meltz Chocolate, it becomes clear that this company has fully grasped the concept of the packaging design and the way it should look.

They use a very unusual shape for their chocolate packaging.

The texture gets distinguished at once, and you might feel the need to touch this packaging design and feel this texture on your own.

Thus, the next of our packaging design tips is “Experiment with the texture and shape”.

The result might surprise you.


Every packaging design should contain one detail that attracts people and makes everything different.

It can be a strip of colour or a small visual.

No matter which detail you choose.

The main thing is what impact it has on your potential clients.

A clean and smooth design seems to be quite easy to create.

This, however, is only at first sight.

In fact, in this case, everything matters.

Not only the shape and the colour of this detail but also where it is placed and how this packaging opens.

Take a look at the design collection made for Warew.

Every single item of this set is a logical continuation of the previous one, which makes the brand so unique.

That is why our last but not least bit of advice is “Be special and consistent in your attempts to create a perfect package design”.

As you see, the importance of packaging design cannot be exaggerated, primarily if we speak about its successful implementation.

If you think the idea you came up with is too daring, it will indeed work regarding design, for it was made to impress people and lure them into the world of marketing and advertising.

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