Pantone Matching System — A Graphic Designer’s Guide

The Pantone Matching System is a standardised representation system for CMYK colours, a universally accepted and acclaimed technique for selecting, matching, and communicating shades.

A golden standard

Traditionally, the Pantone Matching System has been used to make sure that colours you print look exactly like you expected them to look, every single time, even when handled in different locations and by different manufacturers.

When the worlds collide

You can think of the palette of Pantone tones as a universal language of design.

Tried and tested

It is usually not a good idea to make fundamental design choices on nothing more than a whim.

A surefire method

For instance, graphic designers use the Pantone Matching System when they want to transition from the design to production stage and need to match various colours they came up with.

The art of cherry-picking

Many designers agree that the best application of the Pantone Matching System is during the colour selection design process.

Bridge over troubled water

One of the central values to be drawn from Pantone’s system is its ability to bridge the gap between print and digital media.

Tools of the trade

Furthermore, note that you can rely on Pantone Guide, which contains thin cardboard sheets with related colour swatches bound in a small flipbook.

Unleash your inspiration

Along the similar lines, feel free to visit Pantone website at any time to get a robust code to match printed media and marketing materials.

United colours of Pantone

Colours are the crown jewels of any digital presence.

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