The Top 10 Best Apps For Designers For IPhone & IPad

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8 min readDec 3, 2019

The Top 10 Best Apps for Designers for iPhone & iPad

The iPhone is a fantastic device that has gained worldwide acceptance. It is one of the most successful products Apple Inc. has ever created.

Individuals love the iPhone and iPad, not just because of their excellent design, but also because of their functionality.

Additionally, the iTunes store provides a variety of applications for various professionals.

Before the advancement of smartphones and tablets, designers relied on computers to do most of their work.

However, it is now easy for designers. There is a variety of apps that designers should have. The following are the top 10 best apps for designers you need to know.

1 — Loose Leaf

Inspiration for a new design can come at any time. As a designer, you should always be ready to capture such inspiration.

Loose Leaf would allow you to capture your ideas well. The app makes it easy to annotate and share your thoughts with others.

Loose Leaf is a scratch paper-type app. The app can allow you to:

  • Write down mathematics problems. The app supports drawing functionalities which make it appropriate for jotting math problems.
  • Capture story ideas. The app is perfect for taking notes. A majority of the note-taking apps available have limited functionalities. For example, you cannot alter the page type to be a grind or lined. However, for this app, these functionalities are possible.
  • Do modifications of designs and photos. The app makes it possible to modify computer designs. You can also edit photos, where you can crop them and piece them together with other backgrounds.

The app is meant to be simple, which works better for designers.

2 — Marvel



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