The Top 5 Most Effective Green Marketing Strategies — 2022

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8 min readApr 6, 2022

The idea of “green marketing” has gained significant ground over the past few years. There are two main driving forces behind this trend.

One involves governmental regulations and the need for companies to comply with changing sustainability standards.

The second is related to the customers themselves. A recent study found that more than 80 per cent of consumers want to be associated with environmentally conscious companies, meaning that businesses need to look at various green strategies that can implement in their brand.

This is when the power of green advertising can have a massive impact on brand identity and, perhaps more importantly, concerning overall return on investment (ROI). The only question involves the approaches to employ.

Are some more successful than others? Will it be necessary to rewrite an entire marketing template, or can more minor changes be made?

Whether you are a newcomer and have just entered the business world or are hoping to rebrand the existing image of your firm, it is prudent to examine what steps should be employed.

Let us, therefore, examine five powerful green marketing strategies that can be implemented into your brand and highlight the advantages associated with each.

1 — Taking Search Engine Optimisation into Account

It would be impossible to address the idea of a green marketing strategy without firstly emphasising the role played by search engine optimisation (SEO).

We are not necessarily referring to factors such as website design and HTML coding in this sense (although these are essential elements). Instead, it is wise to look at how keywords play an essential role when refitting an ongoing marketing campaign.

One of the most powerful SEO tactics involves selecting appropriate keywords based on a specific niche market and implementing them into relevant pages on your website.

In this sense, we refer to single words, typically one or two phrases, and long-tail phrases, which are longer sentences or questions. However, it is wise to note that many companies now include environmentally relevant terms…

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