Tips for Becoming a Successful Freelancer

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8 min readFeb 8, 2018


Freelancers are everywhere these days.

However, successful freelancers are a bit of a rare breed.

Clients often have trouble finding reliable people to work for them, and the market is cutthroat competitive.

In the sea of good, hardworking, skilled people, how can one person stand out?

Even more so, what can you do to make freelancing a successful endeavour for yourself?

We have some tips that just might help with that, so read on.

1 — Start early

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Starting freelance the moment you quit work is a mistake. Why?

Setting up your brand, finding clients and networking requires a lot of work and preparation.

To start this unemployed would take up much time, during which you could have already started making some money, and will undoubtedly put a dent in your plans.

Start doing the research 30 days or 6 months before quitting your regular job, in your spare time.

2 — Dismiss illusions

Freelancing is a job like any other, but unlike any other, it is not so forgiving.

When you are solely responsible for your work rates, work hours, scheduling and negotiations, you take up the job of CEO, manager, marketer, and employee.

Yes, at one point, we all fantasised about starting our workday idyllically by waking up late, and sitting down at a small coffee table after our favourite TV shows, to checking our emails for the day at noon, still in our PJs.

The reality can be much more 9 to 5 than we all believed.

The sooner you dismiss the illusion of it being relaxed and cosy, the better.

3 — Don’t expect pats on the back

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