Top 10 Creative Logo Design Tips for Startups in 2018

It’s 2018. Creative logo design, FTW!

Here are the top 10 creative Logo design tips for your startup.

1 — Beginning with the choice of the right Colours

2 — ‘Minimalism’ for your startup

3 — Integrating clever imagery into the Logo design

A creative logo design speaks for itself without having to talk about it.

4 — Balanced design

Something that you should implement in your Logo design is a balanced approach.

5 — Don’t underestimate the FONT selection procedure

We should have moved this section towards the top in this blog post for the sole reason of its justified importance in the creative logo design lesson for your startup.

6 — The right use of Black & White

‘Black’ and ‘White’ are the most impactful colours on the colour palette right after the colour ‘Red’.

7 — Drawing Logo inspiration from the right sources

We will be lying if we say that drawing your creative logo design inspiration from a competitor makes up for lousy reputation because practically a lot of small brands did that when they started out.

8 — Keeping it quirky for millennials’ sake

Did we mention that Fun logos are the most functional logos ever since the dawn of the millennium era?

9 — A future-proof Logo

By now, you would have testified that creative logo design for a brand is a tedious and mind-boggling process.

10 — Invest in a top logo designer

You can choose to rest your Logo designing case with an experienced Logo designer who has previously worked to create amazing graphical products.


Logos are transforming into lifestyle decisions as people tend to go with brands that entail a classy and elite feel to their Logo.

Inkbot Design a Creative Graphic Design Agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Experts in Logo Design and Branding.

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