Top 10 Innovative Logo Design Trends in 2018

No one will ever mistake the Nike swoosh for anything other than the innovative logo design of a sports brand for shoes and other clothing.

1 — Sending a Message

Expect more logos to hold “messages” for their viewers.

2 — Keeping it Simple (and Sleek)

This is not a new trend.

3 — Getting Personal — Using Cursive Writing

Children are not learning cursive writing in school these days, but it is making a comeback in logo design, as a way to be more “personal” in messaging.

4 — Shapes

Shapes can also provide a clean and sleek look.

5 — Evoking Emotional Responses with Colour

Yes, colour is still a large factor with innovative logo designs.

6 — Taglines and Slogans

Short slogans, or taglines, have always been in use, but are predicted to increase as 2018 moves forward.

7 — Freestyling

Moving away from the traditional grid style has been a logo design trend for some time, and 2018 has and will see more of this.

8 — Animating a Logo

Animated logos for digital presentations are becoming more and more of a trend.

9 — Complimenting Those Fonts

A single font is not necessarily a requirement.

10 — Showing Social Responsibility

This is a tough challenge for a logo designer, and yet many companies want to demonstrate that they are socially responsible.


These ten innovative logo design trends are indeed not the only that will be prominent in 2018.

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