Top 10 Modern Logo Design Trends

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9 min readMar 7, 2018


When it comes to branding businesses, the first thing the majority of people think about is the company logo design.

This is because a logo is how a business is identified and recognised by the customers in a market where there are numerous suppliers of a particular product or service.

Entrepreneurs claim the logo to be an essential asset for every company because it does not only makes the brand look attractive but also speaks of what the business does.

It is for this reason why companies pay a significant amount to designers who can create unique and exceptionally professional logos for them.

A common marketing strategy to regain market share involves changing the logo — this is evidence of how important a logo is for any business.

However, just like any other design or technology, the trends in logo design have also evolved.

If you observe the logos that were used in earlier times and compared them with modern day logos, you will find significant differences.

Not because people in the past were any less creative but because the technology has reached new heights.

The creativity can be utilised in surprising ways as a result of which the logos you see nowadays are beautiful and meaningful.

If you are an entrepreneur or are aiming to get a logo for your startup, it is imperative to be aware of the modern logo design trends regardless of which designer you hire.

The designers may not always be dedicated towards your logo, so they need to know that you are aware of these trends.

Do not enforce any limitations on the designer, but the following are some trends that you may suggest your logo designer consider:

1 — Simplified logos

A common trend in logo design is the simplified form that many businesses are using.

Aesthetics are not always very clean and may give logos a dirty but attractive look, so they have been widely employed in the past.



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