Top 10 Tips For Hiring A Web Development Agency — Questions

Top 10 Tips for Hiring a Web Development Agency

Are you planning to develop a website? Are you targeting to drive your business only online?

If your answer is YES, you need to read this blog post, so that you do not miss any single opportunity to flourish your business.

With the technology and innovation being so pervasive, businesses these days look up to develop websites.

First, let’s understand this; building a website means looking for a variety of skills.

For example, you are a constructing agency. To construct an infrastructure, you need plumbers, electricians, cleaners, masons, helpers, etc.

Every professional has their own skills. Similarly, it is the case of website development.

To develop a site, one needs to hire designers, analysts, SEOs and many more. An established web development agency has all the requirements under one roof.

The internet is littered with numerous web developers and web development agencies that leave us in an enigma to hire one.

It is like finding a needle in a haystack. You don’t feel so?

Open a new tab and type “hire web developer”, “ hire web development company” or“ hire web development agency”. See the result yourself.


You may be mumbling “13,30,00,000 search result for hire web development agency”.


Therefore, start your search by doing specific homework on internal inventory: “ What roles are you looking for?” “ The type of audience you are targeting”, and many more.

The mixture of requirements can eliminate each skill, and thus finding a web development agency that is trustworthy makes it much more manageable.

Adding to it, hiring an agency who understands your business will only speed up the things.

What are the essential skills that you should look for in a Web Development Agency?

When you are searching for an established and trustworthy agency, the first thing you should do is check their skill sets.

The significant skillsets that are required to develop a website are design, development, and strategy.

Usually, an agency leads in one or two areas.

There is rarely any agency that concentrates on all three areas.

Also, for that, you have to invest a large sum, or you have to prioritise some skillsets.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in and take a look that will help you to move in the right direction to reach your trustworthy agency.

What type of audience are you looking for your business?

As a business owner, you should pay attention to your audiences. It would help if you did in-depth research such as age, location, gender, hobbies, occupation, and many more.

For example, you want to develop a website for the south Indian audience (preferably women) for clothes.

Then as a business owner, your main aim should be for silk sarees or half sarees in silk. Women in this location prefer to use that.

Hence, it would be best if you did in-depth research about who will be using the product.

Then you will have an idea of how your website should appear or look like.

Should it be modern or low key for a millennial hipster or should it be sleek and classic for large enterprises?

What are you seeking from your website?

If your answer is “because these days every business owners are opting for one” or “ to get more clients”, then you are wrong.

For example, as a start-up, you pitch your strategies to your investors and fix the problem.

Similarly, you must figure out the challenges that would be resolved with your website.

For instance, targeting the audience who live far from your store location, or target as many.

From where are you getting your customers?

Make a detailed note on how you will be getting your customers.

Would it be from the advertisement or personal referrals?

What kind of ads would be adding success to your business? What role does your ad play?

Does your active nature in social media play a huge difference?

Answer to the above question will help you figure out the primary resources of the client’s traffic.

Moreover, it will surely help you drive your efforts of product marketing in the correct path.

What is the budget you are planning to invest?

If your budget is limited and cannot afford an enormous sum — that’s not the end.

You can hire a web development agency from countries like Ukraine or India.

Developers from India are cost-effective because India’s economy is much less as compared to other countries.

Low cost does not necessarily mean that you are getting a mediocre quality of the project.

However, ensure that you read their testimonials and feedback.

Study the ratings at the portals such as Clutch.Co, Upwork, GoodFirms, etc.

How often can you devote your time to your project?

It would help if you indeed trusted your IT partners for your project.

However, your involvement during the development stage would add other dimensions.

It is always good to get regular updates with the team.

If you want a website that represents your brand, in every possible way, then you should review the mockups, prototypes, wireframes delivered by your web development agency.

Regular meetings, status, and progress report will shoot your project in positive dimensions.

Therefore, hire those agencies who can give you regular updates on the development stages.

Questions that will help you to hire an established and trustworthy web development agency

By now, you would know what role does your website plays for your business.

Then it’s time to hire a web development agency who can fully meet all your requirements.

There are some questions that you can ask your developers.

Below-mentioned pointers will reveal the soft skills, test tasks and technicality of the developers.

# 1: Ask for the past three projects, in which the developer has recently worked. Get in detail about the exciting and challenging parts.

Answer to this question will showcase the attitude of the development agency.

If the agency shows the enthusiasm and gladly explains to you about the past project, then you can be sure enough that you have approached the right team.

The answer will also determine how well can the agency solve all the queries and problem.

For instance, you can ask the developing agency about the conflict when different people are working and editing on the same data.

#2: How well are they updated with the recent technologies? What have they learned new? What are the latest technologies and programming languages they have worked with?

With the advancement of technology, the skills become outdated every 2–3 years.

Hence, it is always best to hire proficient web developers such as who keep on training themselves rather than working on the specific technology.

This question will help you understand the developer’s love of technology to learn something new.

#3: What is the production timeline?

This answer will help you understand how well and quickly your developers processes to complete their deliveries and daily tasks without forging on the quality.

You can put questions like: “ How much time have you spent on the previous projects?”, or “ How effectively do they delegate the tasks?”.

Answers to this question will help you to figure out whether you can rely on them, or whether they can deliver the project on-time.

#4: What all research does the developer do before developing a website?

This answer will demonstrate the position of the developer’s professionalism.

These days, many developers jump into developing a website without proper research.


Opt for those agencies, who can dedicatedly give time for your projects, understand your aim and focus, the developer should be enthusiastic about researching the project.

The research should define the goals, targeting the audience, brand identity, and many more. I

In short, the developer should put up the same question which you ask yourself.

#5: How do the developers conduct the test of the site before going live?

If the developers are well-advanced, they will perform a live test in the cross-browser on the latest versions of Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Chrome.

They will also conduct the testing on the latest versions of Android and iOS for both tablets and smartphones.

Also, the developers must follow the checklist of the procedures such as project quality and internal assurance.

If you see all these qualities, hire the developers as it is the sign of reliability and professionalism.

Final Note

In conclusion, we hope your queries are a bit clearer.

You must have got a clear picture of how to find your proficient development team.

Hire an established web development agency, check their experiences, and portfolios as it will formulate and quirk your development.

It is always good if you do rough check about the agencies, you are planning to hire.

As mentioned above, check from their prior clients. Ask them about the challenges.

Author bio: Bryan is an SEO expert at HireWebDeveloper, an established agency based in India. He has got 6+years of experience. In his free time, the writer loves to write blogs for budding developers to direct them in the right direction. The author’s areas of interest include tech entrepreneurship, influencer blogging, and digital marketing.

Originally published at on September 16, 2019.

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