Top 20 Entrepreneurs To Emulate For Massive Success — 2023

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15 min readFeb 13

Are you interested in wealth, success, and business? Of course, you would have never clicked on this article. I’ve got great news for you. Success is predictable if you follow proven frameworks and models others have used to see great results. Please understand that you don’t have to make up a way to become more successful because it already exists; you have to find out, build the skills around making it happen then execute.

Here are a few statistics to know as you pursue your success in your career, regardless of whether you are an employee, an employee looking to transition to being an entrepreneur, or already a full-time entrepreneur. Globally, there are 532 million entrepreneurs out of 7.8 billion people on this planet. Around 60% of the 20th most valuable brands started as self-funded ventures or bootstrapped.

Self-made millionaires typically have a strong work ethic and are very disciplined with their finances. To give yourself a competitive edge and join the millionaire club, read this Career & Business Secrets Case Study. In this article, I will cover 20 entrepreneurs that achieved massive success.

1 — Henry Ford ($1.2B Net Worth When Alive)

Henry founded the Ford Motor Company. His business enterprise manufactures cars at a mass scale and then sells them to the public. One of his most famous automobile creations was the Model T. Some experts say this Model T was one of the best-selling cars of all time. The milestones Henry achieved included having the first affordable car for the average person and the invention of the assembly line for car production processes.

Henry financed his company in the beginning with 12 investors and 1000 shares. Ford was successful for many reasons, and a couple was due to him finding simple ways to produce cars at a magnitude that workers could be a part of and not be complicated. In essence, he could make more cars with the time he had. One of Henry’s strategies was paying $5 a day to their autoworkers, which in those days was double the average wage, so workers could afford the car they were making and felt confident in having stable work. Lastly, Henry knew how to communicate a vision and pull people into his world, like investors, business partners, and…

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