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Top 6 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses — SBM Tips

Top 6 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing is the game of influencing minds.

It revolves around creativity and involves smart decisions.

Marketing has evolved from traditional fliers and holdings to hashtags and endorsements.

Did you know that up to 17% of marketers have decided to use podcasts as their next marketing breakthrough?

This statistic alone explains the transformation of marketing in the 21st century.

Whether one looks at the success of establishing diamonds as priceless possessions of a woman or whether we look at the pink for baby girls/blue for baby boys’ debate, it is visible that high budgeted marketing in former has made massive changes to viewership and lifestyle.

However, the reality of marketing is that you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars on a campaign to convert your potential buyers into regular customers.

The age of digitalisation has introduced the world to a myriad of nifty ideas that have helped marketers reach their goals and more.

We believe that draining one’s bank account in the availability of affordable options, is a rather stupid idea.

To help our readers, we decided to comb through countless digital resources to shortlist the most pocket-friendly marketing ideas available.

Whether you own an Etsy store or a cosy coffee shop at the end of the block, here is a list of marketing ideas that any small business can make use of.

So get your note-taking gear out, it’s time for brainstorming new ideas!

1 — Make best friends with social media

Social media is marketing’s best companion.

It helps in developing a secure connection with the customers and also brings more customers to your doorstep (real/virtual).

A strong presence on relevant social media platforms can boost your sales and help you find the recognition that your business truly deserves.

Being consistent in your posts and spontaneous in your response does not ask for much investment other than your time and effort.

We suggest that you take your time finding the best platform for your business and then hack into the list of successful entrepreneurs by your effort and hard work.

It is an unwritten rule of thumb that Instagram and Facebook are ideal for any lifestyle-related stores such as restaurants, boutiques, and craft shops.

Twitter works well for academia, while Snapchat is perfect for the contemporary vibe of millennial existence.

If you own an online leather jacket store, there’s no harm if you start a style blog too.

The blog will help you remain relevant in the internet and lead to views for your leather products as well.

2 — Hire a local photographer

Once you have pushed yourself and made business pages on relevant social media platforms, it is compulsory for you to get your products a professional shoot.

This does not mean that you need to hire the highest-ranked commercial photographer.

This goal can instead be achieved through the help of local, up and coming photographers who have the skill and knowledge but lack experience.

Such photographers will not only accommodate your professional demands but would also benefit from the exposure your posts get them.

A mutually beneficial agreement of the sort will push them to become your photographers of choice and agreement.

Many digital creators on platforms such as YouTube, hire local photographers to cover personal events or photoshoots.

The local photographer would help you relax and live in the moment.

They would let you focus on the task you are best at, instead of broiling in stress about learning a new skill or going to an annoying friend for a favour.

You and the local photographer can make both team up for a long term agreement which will help you design an excellent theme for your content while also giving the other party a chance to expand their portfolio.

However, it is your responsibility to make the photographer feel comfortable and not exploited.

They may lack experience, but their knowledge and skills are not to be disregarded.

Remember that any publicity is good publicity.

So if a local photographer found you hard to work with, they can inform others and make it hard for you to get affordable photoshoots from photographers around town.

3 — Create eye-catching graphics

Whether you market your products through the old-school, print media, or choose to follow the millennial trail of social media, graphics would always be the centre of attraction.

Puns, animation, and illustrations are various forms of visual techniques that help businesses.

You can take help from a professional graphic designer to help you with infographics and the development of a visual theme that we will discuss later in the article.

Your posters, pamphlets, and business cards would all need a catchy image to attract attention.

What could be better than hiring a local graphic designer from the classified sections?

Creativity in graphic design is a sure-shot way of garnering attention for your business.

Whether you decide to play with the “from my head to-ma-toes” track or go ahead define a new course for yourself, it’s entirely up to you.

The added effort of a local graphic designer would help you create a ‘local’ image that comes handy for brick and mortar businesses because it creates the idea of ‘for the people, from the people’ hence why these values work wonders in towns that appreciate their lineage of old citizens.

The regional theme in graphics is ideal for the business in the South.

4 — Concentrate on content quality

Any form of written marketing, whether online or on paper, needs a prompt use of words and attention to detail.

You cannot publish material written by a fifth-grader on your social media or business card.

Hence why content management agencies are your helping hands.

If you feel that you are unable to create content that resonates with your audience, or you lack the time and ability to make credible posts, then depending on an outside agency would only bring you good.

Agencies hire professionals who know what they are doing and would try their best to bring you the results that you desire.

B2C marketers understand the significance of SEO in digital marketing and the critical role it plays in developing a brand image in recent years.

86% of B2C marketers have stated content marketing as the most effective in terms of conversions.

Setalks and other such companies help reduce your content creation woes and let you concentrate on other minutiae that could be troublesome if left unmonitored.

5 — Try being traditional

In the superfast, innovative, and contemporary society, if you take a step back and try conventional marketing methods, there’s a significant chance of making success.

Guerilla Marketing is the term given to freeform marketing techniques applied on the roads and everywhere else for publicity.

You can use classroom chalk to write your social media handles or contact information on your door.

Paint a graffiti on the wall, release printed balloons, or distribute free stationery and car magnets with your logo as cheap and effective marketing techniques.

Email list, text marketing, and pitching in local events could take you a lot farther than your expectations.

Your traditional approach could potentially strike up to an eccentric marketer who loves everything old-school.

Your small business will get a boost in its (online) engagement and visits if word gets out about your unique way of doing things.

Whether you decide to hold a puppet show on the sidewalk to attract people to your craft shop or whether you play jazz to gather more people in your café is up to you.

Alternatively, offering a buy one get one free on your website would help you create a buzz in your initial days of business.

6 — Create a theme

Whether you own a brick & mortar store or are engaged in e-commerce, a specific theme for your store can work wonders for you.

Have you ever spotted the infamous glossy lips logo of Kylie Jenner Cosmetics or the burger logo of Burger King and recognised the brands even from a distance?

If yes, then you have already experienced what a consistent theme does for a business.

You too can apply similar techniques of thematic marketing.

To illustrate with an example, we can open a hypothetical store in the middle of town.

It’s a coffee and croissant shop that has a minimalist theme of simple furniture and vintage art.

The shop has plain pamphlets printed on recycled paper and a few assortments of plants throughout.

The simple plants-vintage-minimal theme can easily be followed on social media, in customised mugs and even on the napkins.

All of these will help your store gain recognition and become word-of-mouth referrals by the local visitors.

Almost all of the marketing ideas that we have discussed above depend on little invest of money and a lot on your time and effort.

A few hours of creative thinking and management can help you market your small business to a much larger audience.

All you need is a relaxed mind and spirit of creativity with practical utility, and you are sorted for life!

Author Bio: Alma Causey is a Freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about Fashion and Tech. Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover.

Originally published at on August 23, 2019.

Inkbot Design a Creative Graphic Design Agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Experts in Logo Design and Branding.

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