Top 7 Tips For A More Productive Photoshop Workflow — 2020

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9 min readMay 12, 2020

There are a lot of apps and tools to help you edit images, retouch, add effects, or create image compositions. While one app can usually fulfil up to three functions, Adobe Photoshop can manage all of these tasks.

Therefore, it is not a big surprise that it is the most famously used software by designers and creatives.

Photoshop is being used by a wide range of professionals: photographers, graphic artists, designers and web-developers.

They claim that photoshop helped them to discover a brand-new world. You do not have to wait for perfect lightning to get a high-quality picture, you can put into life the grand ideas you do not have enough money for, you can turn something average into a masterpiece.

However, learning how to use photoshop is not an easy task. It may take quite a while before you learn the basics.

Then, when you think that there is nothing you do not know about Adobe Photoshop, they release a new version with numerous updates and new features.

New versions are a great relief for those who feel the program lacks some tools but is the biggest evil for those who are in the phase of trying to put the finger on what is going on in this big new world.

After you have learned the tools, you start to realise that creating a masterpiece takes more time than you thought (or wanted) to. It may take you hours to edit or create a single picture. So it is easy to get unmotivated and stressed by slow progress.

Moreover, the world is overly demanding right now. The topics of efficiency, multitasking, and constant productivity are not trendy anymore.

They have become a part of our everyday life. Our weekends should be productive even. That being said, many employers are looking for professionals who can make products of high quality as fast as possible.

Sadly, if you are not efficient enough, you can get easily swamped by the labour market that gets more competitive every day.

If you want to be up to or exceed the expectations of your boss, if you’re going to make your experience of using the photoshop not as time-consuming as it is now, if you want to have more masterpieces…



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