Top 8 Best Blog Logos to Inspire you in 2018 — Branding Blogs

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6 min readJul 3, 2018


Logo design is an art form — one that can make or break your brand identity.

Finding the sweet spot that brings together simplicity, personality, and memorability is not always an easy task, and many don’t quite manage it.

What’s more, clients often present tricky briefs — just listen to Alan Partridge’s description of the logo he has designed with his branding agency, and you’ll have some idea of what designers are up against.

It’s an extreme example, but you’d be surprised.

Below, I’ve collated eight examples of attractive, creative blog logos from real publishers that are simple, professional, and true to the brands they represent.

Here’s hoping you can find some inspiration for your endeavours!

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Thrive Global

Thrive Global is a blog offering companies and individuals sustainable, tech-based solutions for wellbeing, performance, and purpose.

It’s about showing that nature and technology can work harmoniously together for the more significant benefit of all.

This is perfectly embodied in its blog logo, which pairs a modern, minimal typeface with smooth, round leaves and a calming colour palette reminiscent of sky and water.

It’s a corporate-style design, but with fewer sharp edges.

The use of leaves as lettering components echoes the sentiment that web and wilderness can work together.

It also looks a little like a paddle — whether or not this is intended, I’m not sure.

Giant Owl Productions

One of my favourite examples on this list, London-based independent production company Giant Owl Productions has nailed its company logo design, using animation to…



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