Top 8 Best Blog Logos to Inspire you in 2018 — Branding Blogs

Logo design is an art form — one that can make or break your brand identity.

Finding the sweet spot that brings together simplicity, personality, and memorability is not always an easy task, and many don’t quite manage it.

What’s more, clients often present tricky briefs — just listen to Alan Partridge’s description of the logo he has designed with his branding agency, and you’ll have some idea of what designers are up against.

It’s an extreme example, but you’d be surprised.

Below, I’ve collated eight examples of attractive, creative blog logos from real publishers that are simple, professional, and true to the brands they represent.

Here’s hoping you can find some inspiration for your endeavours!

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Thrive Global

Thrive Global is a blog offering companies and individuals sustainable, tech-based solutions for wellbeing, performance, and purpose.

It’s about showing that nature and technology can work harmoniously together for the more significant benefit of all.

This is perfectly embodied in its blog logo, which pairs a modern, minimal typeface with smooth, round leaves and a calming colour palette reminiscent of sky and water.

It’s a corporate-style design, but with fewer sharp edges.

The use of leaves as lettering components echoes the sentiment that web and wilderness can work together.

It also looks a little like a paddle — whether or not this is intended, I’m not sure.

Giant Owl Productions

One of my favourite examples on this list, London-based independent production company Giant Owl Productions has nailed its company logo design, using animation to simultaneously create the impression of spinning film reels and blinking owl eyes.

It’s subtle but incredibly smart and effective.

The graphics are skilfully uncomplicated, and the use of bright yellow against a dark teal background evocatively creates the illusion of a night owl peering out at you.

While animation may be an ambitious step for a simple blog, the mastery and execution of this logo indeed provide food for thought.


Minimalist ‘hipster’ blog logos are trendy right now, and pair well with clean, minimal web themes and lifestyle imagery.

Mirador is an image curation website owned and updated by a Paris graphic design studio, with a focus on inspirational design work.

With its simple lines, monochromatic colour scheme, and lookout post purportedly symbolising the search for unusual artwork, the Mirador logo is an excellent example of hipster logo design done right.

This style tends to be somewhat overused, particularly in e-commerce, so if you like this aesthetic, make sure it contains a visual element relevant to your niche.

Best Friends

The Best Friends Animal Society is guided by one simple philosophy: kindness to animals.

Another great example of a logo you can look at two ways, the Best Friends logo, on the one hand, looks like the face of a dog, while on the other showing two friends holding hands — all with a squiggly line and two dots.

Intelligent design can be a beautiful thing; in this case, the brand’s whole message is encapsulated in this one simple symbol.

In colour theory, orange is considered an energetic colour — often used to draw attention, which makes it a perfect choice to inspire activism.

Yondr Studio

This stunning and rather ambitious logo belongs to illustrator and designer Nathan Yoder.

The hand-drawn pen and ink illustration paired with smooth, quirky animation complements his brand perfectly, showcasing his skills and illustration style while also incorporating his primary influences — nature and a sense of adventure.

The benefit of using a black and white logo is that it also works well in print.

The arrow that shoots through the word ‘studio’ at the end is a particularly nice touch.

Very simple, very smart — are you sensing a running theme here?

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is an organisation is dedicated to ‘helping young people cultivate their authentic selves’.

Founded by Amy Poehler and Meredith Walker, the two powerhouse women emphasise intelligence and imagination over fitting in — being funny first and informative second.

What a beautiful thing.

And so, indeed, is the logo.

The lightbulb, of course, is a distinctive symbol of invention, intelligence, ideas and connections — all things we want to encourage in today’s young women.

The logo uses bright, optimistic colours: warm pink offsetting egg yolk yellow.

A slightly different hue of either colour could easily have thrown the whole thing off.

This logo works because it’s simple and obvious, it’s not trying too hard — it just works.

Fool Dot

Fool Dot describes itself as a world wide web parody and brings together an eclectic collection of photography, art and illustration from the far and distant reaches of the internet.

The dot — synonymous with the web, of course — is used as a feature throughout the logo in both the typography and the central ‘fool’ figure.

The dots in the lettering are strangely reminiscent of vintage pinball games; a playful spin on a simple visual theme.

The fool figure wears ‘bell’ dots on the end of his headwear — and is dot-shaped himself.

There is lots going on, but given the quirky and unusual nature of the blog and its contents, it kind of works.

Fuel a Dream

Last but not least, we have this cute logo from Fuel a Dream, an online crowdfunding website based in India that raises funds for ideas, social causes, events and disaster relief efforts.

In a geographically relevant subversion of the traditional piggy bank, the pig has been replaced with a pink Indian elephant — and it works.

The meaning is immediately clear — we know it’s a finance brand at a single glance.

However, the use of bright and friendly colour suggests a more youthful and down-to-earth approach than traditional banks and lenders.

In summary, what have we learned?

The most effective blog logos tend to be:

  • Simple
  • Smart
  • Relevant
  • Memorable

What are your favourite blog logos? Let us know in the comments.

Author Bio: Kayleigh Alexandra is a content writer for Micro Startups — a site dedicated to giving through growth hacking. Visit the blog for your latest dose of startup, entrepreneur, and charity insights from top experts around the globe. Follow us on Twitter @getmicrostarted.

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