Top 9 Funniest Branding Fails (Learn From Their Mistakes)

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10 min readNov 12, 2019

9 Funniest Branding Fails (Learn from their Mistakes)

At the best of times, a brand or marketing campaign should get people excited about a product, service or even a company as a whole, and generate interest that leads to strong sales and a great image.

See the likes of the wonderfully simple yet often silly IKEA adverts, or the wholesome, zeitgeist established Christmas campaigns of Coca Cola for how branding should be done.

However, not all marketing can be as effective, and even a titan of the industry can fall hard for some terrible practices; including Coca Cola.

Some of these branding fails can be so titanic in nature that they sink the entire company, yet most of the times they’re simply hilarious examples of what you should avoid when trying your hand at branding.

Each and every mistake made by companies can serve as an excellent lesson for future branding attempts, and by taking a look at the humorous, confusing and even downright ridiculous decisions made within the realms of marketing offices can provide valuable experience to learn from, as well as things to laugh at.

Below are Rombus Packaging’s favourites that have shown time and time again how taking the time to proofread an idea, or show it around a…



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