Top Web Design Trends in 2018 — Website Designing Tips

Web design is an ever-changing beast.

While you try to catch up with the new ideas presented the year before, and get all the nifty gadgets like a smart pen, a new tablet, or a “revolutionary” piece of design software, the boat may sail on your fresh new web design trends in 2018.

You always have to remember that a popular idea may get shot down as damaging or pointless in a matter of months and be ready to adapt to the new reality of trends.

So do not let yourself get left on the sidelines and read on for some of the top web design trends in 2018.

If you are going for a design of an eCommerce site that’s been down on its luck and failing to drum up the necessary sales, you have to take into account the target customers and how they view the website.

Don’t let the site look generic or fill the description of your product with senseless babble.

Simplicity and minimalism are in, especially in the world of sales.

Moreover, nobody likes to open up a product page only to see that the goods he or she’s been looking for have already sold out.

So try to keep inventory trackers available to see at all times.

Now for more general tips that could apply to news sites, gaming portals, entertainment blogs, and more.

First off, it’s no secret that symmetry is beautiful and eye-pleasing, right?

Wrong, sorry.

It seems that symmetrical designs have been relegated to the dusty pile of the past in favour of asymmetrical and visually striking sites that use this uneven design decision to underline certain elements.

While asymmetry is indeed a viable and wildly popular solution, we can already hear designers and clients alike crying out “but what about simplicity? I want my users to enjoy the experience!”.

Well, the “adapt it to all devices and screens” mentality isn’t going anywhere soon, so congratulations on that!

Whether your users prefer their iPhone, a tablet, or like to live in the future and browse the newsfeed from their touch screen monitor, your site has to look equally good regardless of the device used.

In spite of that (oh, the trends do love to clash), many are now clamouring for animation, turning their sites into living things where every button spins or pops with confetti.

Naturally, we advise against overdoing it but a bit of lively animation would indeed spice things up and, if appropriately implemented, attract the customer.

Don’t be afraid to experiment as long as you apply restraint.

Speaking of experimenting, we tend to joke about Comic Sans being the bane of a designer’s existence but how long has it been since you were wowed by a font?

It seems like for web design trends in 2018, you should go wild with fonts as many companies are opting to turn in their banners and animated buttons in favour of striking yet straightforward typography.

Just be aware that few people will want to read a whole page in that “Ye Olde English Pub” font that you’ve got saved for passion projects.

Last but certainly not least, it seems like monochrome dullness has finally emitted its death rattle, and it’s time to break out your colour palette.

Yes, indeed, colours that pop are very much in now and, while you don’t want a full-on gaudy pink website, adding a splash of green or yellow might spruce up your dusty blog and help shake off those dreary years of newspaper-like black-and-white monotone.

Colour-coding linked elements is also a surefire way to simplify the design for the user and thus make it easier on yourself since the customer won’t be puzzled by your input.

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Originally published at on July 2, 2018.

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